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Nerdy Show’s Greatest Hits

nerdy show's greatest hits

Here you’ll find a collection our best episodes of all time from Nerdy Show – our flagship podcast! These are our blockbuster shows: the biggest interviews, the wildest adventures, and the most memorable moments.

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Our biggest episodes – devoted to single subjects and featuring some of our most exciting interviews, surprises, and the best Nerdy Show infotainment.

The Oral History of Video GamesThe Oral History of Video Games
Join the entire Nerdy Show Network and the nerdiest names in pop culture as we take a journey through video game history. Every podcast crew and 32 celebrity guests including “Weird Al” Yankovic, Futurama’s David X. Cohen, The Protomen, The X-FilesChris Carter, Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule join together to share their first gaming experiences from Pong to present.

Voice Acting! Part 1 | Part 2
Celebrating voice actors and their legacy in animation and other mediums. We talk with the legendary Rob Paulsen – a voice that has dominated American animation for three decades, Yuri Lowenthal, rising star in all fields of voice work, and prolific anime voice actor, Steve Blum, who’s put hair on your chest as Wolverine, and Spike Spiegel.

Busting Makes Us Feel Good
Featuring an interview with Dr. Raymond Stanz himself, Ghostbusters star and scribe, Dan Aykroyd!  We get drunk on Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka and speak with Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening, the creative team behind IDW’s ongoing Ghostbusters comics. We discuss how the series got its start, cGB continuity, the video games, and our collective fandom for all things Ghostbusters.

rlsh2Masked Justice
The lines between fiction and reality have blurred, and a few courageous souls have heeded the call of Justice. We speak with two Real Life Heroes: Phoenix Jones and Master Legend as well as two of the Skiffytown League of Heroes, and the surly Pittsburgh Batman.  We also interview comics legend, Bob Burden (creator of Flaming Carrot and Mysterymen) the man who founded the concept of the blue-collar superhero!

ep 161 300The X-Files Re-Opened
The FBI’s unsolved case files have been reopened in The X-Files Season 10 – a comic continuing Mulder and Scully’s quest for the truth. We interview X-Files series creator, Chris Carter, comic series writer Joe Harris, and IDW editor Denton J. Tipton for their first joint interview and an all-X-Files episode! Also check out our Millennium follow-up episode.

Mighy Mega Proto Final 300Mighty Mega Men
We discuss big things brewing in the Mega Man fandom: Capcom Unity’s two albums of Mega music, and the return of Mega man co-creator Keiji Inafune, with his own robot boy: Mighty No. 9!  We talk with Brett Elston of Capcom Unity, Charlie Verdin of Fangamer, and Murphy, Commander, and Panther of The Protomen: the Mega Man-inspired post apocalyptic rockers caught between both projects.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cinema
We speak with Steve Barron, director of the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. We also talk with writer-director Polaris Banks‘ whose fan film, Casey Jones: The Movie pays homage to the visual style of Barron’s film.  We’re treated to an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the making of both films.
ep178TMNT Adventures with Steve Murphy
An episode for everyone who loves  being a turtle! We’re joined by comics author Steve Murphy aka Dean Clarrain – the most prolific scribe in the history of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We hear the stories behind classic comics and action figures, and learn secrets of projects that never came to pass. Also check out our Mutanimals follow-up episode.

Nerdcore: The Past, Present, & Future of Nerd Music Part 1 | Part 2
Our resident nerd music historian, Hex, is joined by Z from Hipster, Please! and Wired’s GeekDad and nerdy rapper Adam WarRock to discuss the entire history of nerd music – and beyond! From nerdcore, to chiptunes, to dementia, and more – it’s all here. Part 2 features an interview with some of the biggest names in Nerdcore: MC Lars, Random, K-Murdock, Tribe One, and Adam WarRock recorded during the Race Wars Tour.

Peaks Freaks
A send up to one of our favorite television shows of all-time: David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks.  In this episode we’re joined by nerd rapper extraordinaire, Schäffer the Darklord – a Peaks fan so old school he’s got the original broadcasts on VHS, and Matt Haley, the comic book artist who nearly got Twin Peaks continued as a graphic novel.

Met your Mothra 300How I Met Your Mothra
Run for your lives! We discuss giant monsters and their natural enemies: from modern kaiju to myths and legends. In this episode we interview Simon Strange and Matt Frank, the brains behind fighting game, Colossal Kaiju Combat, comics creator Eric Powell, and review Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham’s Pacific Rim! Plus we sample rare footage from the forgotten giant monster sitcom How I Met Your Mothra.




These shows take on a life of their own! Format-breaking specials filled with mayhem, big laughs, strange guests, and journeys into the unknown.

ep167 300Nerdy Show LIVE – Anniversary Special
We celebrate 5 years of Nerdy Show with a live stage show! Hosts from The Nerdy Show Network and musician Professor Shyguy compete against each other in trials of the mind and body – including sweded 80s films an a Poké-piñata!

The Curious Case of Dean Wallace
Nothing could have prepared us for THIS. Our friend, Dean Wallace, has gone missing and Nerdy Show suspects werewolves. We speak out against creatures of the night with the help of youth organization No Fangs.  But it’s not just werewolves giving us the spooks. Inexplicable happenings have us questioning our already wavering beliefs… Can ghosts haunt data files like video games and podcasts?

Nerdy Show’s Life Day Spectacular
The Nerdy Crew is taking their Wookie pal, Grumpy, up to Brian’s cabin in the woods to celebrate Life Day. But now they’re stuck in the worst holiday traffic jam of all time! Join the entire Nerdy Show gang, Flame On, Marc With a C, and special guests I Fight Dragons for a holiday special that’ll chill your spine and warm your soul!

Nerdy Show Declassified
Join us as we seek the truth behind UFOs, Atlantis, Paul McCartney, and every government cover-up in-between. Featuring interviews with the illusive blogger behind Crazy Fucking Conspiracies, MK Ultra rapper Mrs. Paintbrush aka Jackson of Grand Buffet, and historical mysticism author Lanaia Lee. Draw the blinds, put on your tin foil helmet, and open your minds.  The truth is out there.

Bustin 300Bustin’ with Central Florida Ghostbusters Part 1 | Part 2
What started as a chill interview with the Central Florida Ghostbusters turns into a Cops-style ride-along!  Not only do we discuss some of the finer points about ghost busting; we ask Orlando’s finest to discuss eerie, fan-chosen topics. It’s just another day-in-the-life for the GBs, but for for Nerdy Show, it’s a night we’ll never forget.

ep255 600Nerdcasting the Multiverse
Journey with us to a new dimension in podcasting! We listen in on other realities and discover if our geeky programming is truly the finest in the multiverse. Learn dark truths on Greetings from Twilight Gulch, learn how to be inoffensive on Safe Words, get sound advice from The No Fangs Radio Hour, and hear both sides of the Reptilian conspiracy on Scale Watchers and Underground Radio – and those are just a few of the multiversal programs we’ve discovered.


A voyage deep into a meaty, greasy abyss. Nerds of discerning taste wanted to see if Nerdy Show could pack any more awesome into savory, fat-rippled pork products.  We did. We’re joined by The Protomen for Nerdy Meal Time a video tribute to Star Wars in the style of Epic Meal Time. We also meet bacon makers and learn the secrets of these savory meats.

ep214Food Crawl!
A spiritual sequel to the gluttonous mayhem of “Bacon“! We go on a Food Crawl – a hallowed mission undertaken by a brave few to eat at as many restaurants in a single outing as possible. No pit stops, no detours, just non-stop gnoshing. Join Nerdy Show for a Magical Mystery tour through the best local Orlando restaurants. We nerd out about food (and plenty else) while cruisin’ through the mean streets of O-Town.



Episodes featuring some of our favorite interviews with big-name nerd celebrities! Click here for a full list of every Nerdy Show interview!

ep188 300 Weird AlMandatory Fun / UHF 25th Anniversary
Celebrated the music and videos of comedy music god and nerd icon: “Weird Al” Yankovic. We talk with Al about his biggest album of all time, Mandatory Fun, are joined by UHF director Jay Levey to reminisce on the film.

ep 131 300Going North with Jeremy Soule Part 1 | Part 2
We interview Jeremy Soule – the composer for SkyrimOblivion, Guild Wars 2, Baldur’s Gate, and many more . He’s been called the John Williams of game music, and he shares with us how he got his start, nerding out about music, the collective consciousness, and his first symphony: The Northerner.

ep160 300The Legacy of Young Justice
We interview Young Justice creators Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti about their landmark TV show, how it was created, how it might continue, and what lies beyond.



We interview synthpop legend Thomas Dolby and alternate reality game designer Andrea Phillips about their dieselpunk album tie-in experience A Map of the Floating City.



ep 133 300Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell: Interview 1  |  Interview 2
In 2013 we interviewed the creative team behind Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell: Dave Willis and Casper Kelly the brains behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies. Then, in 2016, we spoke to them again, along with stars Henry Zebrowski (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Matt Servitto (The Sopranos).

brandonmorphs 300Go BZRK With Michael Grant
An episode of Nerdy Show Book Club where we talk to Michael Grant author of BZRK, Gone, and co-author of 90s young adult sensation: Animorphs.



EP 146 300Heroes Falling, Villains Rising
An episode of Nerdy Show Comic Show where we interview the mightily-bearded uber-author Jason Aaron (Wolverine & the X-Men) get some one-on-one with Green Lantern‘s Rob Venditti, and then do a panel with him and the writer of every Lantern book of 2013!

ep171 300Moogfest Bound with YACHT & Omni’s Claire Evans
We’re joined by renaissance woman, Claire Evans – performer in the band YACHT, and Editor At-Large of Omni Reboot, the digital reincarnation of the legendary science and science fiction magazine, Omni – about what music might sound like on alien worlds, growing up with computers, and a slew of sci-tech/ sci-fi subjects.

episode150 300Adventures in Steam Punk
We talk with actor Bruce Boxleitner (TronBabylon 5) and his collaborators Trevor Crafts and Matthew James Daley about the forthcoming steampunk TV series: Lantern City. Plus we talk other “punks”: Dieselpunk, cyberpunk, electropunk, ….cattlepunk?!


Nerdy Show Comic Show - Mark WaidMark Waid and the Digital Future
We interview comics legend Mark Waid about his big push into comics made for a digital medium and the future of the comics industry.



Go behind the mayhem at Star Wars Celebration V. Featuring interviews with both Boba Fetts: Daniel Logan and Jeremy Bulloch, puppeteers: Toby Philpott and John Coppinger, as well as actor Julian Glover.  A prelude to what years later would become State of the Empire.

episode 168 300Rolling Deep with Chamber Band
We hang with Chamber Band a folk rock outfit whose tales of heartbreak and dire deeds are all set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. We revel in the realm of tabletop, share stories from legendary games, and even talk Pokémon!


ep 155 300Tales from the Pacific Rim
We interview Travis Beacham, screenwriter for giant monster epic: Pacific Rim. He shares stories of the film’s origins, mythos, new projects and more.





These episodes of Nerdy Show feature classic tangents, discussions, and antics that fans listen to again and again!

lightningdogs album art 300Lightning Dogs – HOOOOwwwwl!

What started as a discussion about dramatic animated television turned into the accidental invention of The Lightning Dogs! They’re a pack of anthropomorphic dogs from another world, trapped on a post-apocalyptic Earth, battling the evil (and weirdly sexy) Glampire. It was so popular it spawned a whole series of episodes.

Were The Wild Things Are
Zombies are on the way out, vampires are all the rage again, but there’s a new up-and-comer in the paranormal pop circuit… werewolves. We’re joined by a man who claims to be a werewolf, Lunario Von Darkwolfe III, our duck (and wolf?) huntin’ pal, Dean Wallace, and ninja rappers, Krondor Krew.

More Stories About Sex in the Future
Our Nerdy Show Book Club crew is joined by Adult Swim author Casper Kelly (Too Many Cooks, Aqua Teen Hunger Force) to discuss his collection of dark comedy short story collection, More Stories about Spaceships and Cancer. Surreal conversations about poop in the future, intense dramatic readings, and more!

The Pen15 Club
Trolls Fans requested we do an episode about “dicks”. And we did. This episode will leave you filled with carnal knowledge and your brain oozing with zillions of tiny factoids.  We discuss cocks in history, myth, and fiction. We also interview a surgery technician about the medical side of penises and talk to Intact America, a group speaking out about male circumcision.

ep174Nerdy Show Reads Heroes of Destiny
We read from Kevin Wong’s Heroes of Destiny, Episode I: Eternal Knights – an obscure fantasy novel that rivals Nicholas Cage in its nuanced brilliance. Every page is comedy gold.  Join the “Eternal Friends” as we dramatize this magnificent book and revel in all it’s JRPG-influenced glory.


The Eye of ArgonThe Eye of Argon Challenge
Long, long ago… In an age of peril and wonder called the 1970s… an obtuse horror was birthed from the sullen loins of the sci-fi/ fantasy community… A horror called… “The Eye of Argon”! Join hosts from across The Nerdy Show Network around a roaring winter fire as they drink a toast to one of the most celebrated monstrosities in nerd literature.

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