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Episode 160 :: The Legacy of Young Justice

Posted by NerdyShow on November 18, 2013

ep160 300Earlier this year, we mourned the untimely cancellation of Young Justice, one of the greatest things to happen to both DC Comics characters and all-ages animated television.  But all is not lost – This week, the world of Young Justice returns in the new video game Young Justice: Legacy! Cap and Tony of Nerdy Show are joined by Young Justice series creators Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Star Wars: Rebels) and Brandon Vietti (Brave & the Bold, Under the Red Hood) to discuss Legacy and how it expands the series’ continuity.

But is Legacy the end of Young Justice? Not if Greg and Brandon have anything to say about it! They discuss the origins of the show, ways the series might continue, the challenges of date-stamped continuity, and more – including their upcoming projects in animation and beyond!

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  1. Rainbow Bridge :: Kirby Krackle
  2. Febreeze Bros. :: Adam Warrock & Beefy


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  • Garayur

    Just picked up and read the first volume of the Young Justice comic and loved it. Finally an explanation for the monkey hatred!

    • Cap

      Right? It only gets better!

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