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Episode 123 :: Lightning Dogs – HOOOOwwwwl!

Posted by NerdyShow on February 11, 2013

lightningdogs album art 300We’re in the midst of a renaissance in animated television, but all is not well.  This past year our worlds have been rocked by amazing, dramatic animated shows like Young Justice, Green Lantern, Motorcity, and Tron: Uprising. However word has recently come in that all of these shows are cancelled, some of them under strange circumstance.  What does it mean?  What puts networks at odds with serialized dramatic shows that adults and kids alike can enjoy?

Cap, Hex, Brian, Tony, and Doug attempt to find answers to these challenging questions only to be swept away into the post-apocalyptic realm of the LIGHTNING DOGS! Hawooooo! Can the Nerdy Show crew survive in hand-to-paw combat against these super-charged canines with bad attitudes? And what is the evil Glampire planning? All this and Adventure Time Mad Libs, just push play:

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  1. Lightning Dogs :: Arm Cannon
  2. TMNT 2012 :: A Rival
  3. Uncanny :: Beefy and MC Lars

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