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Minecraft Sci-Fi Build-A-Thon


Welcome, intrepid miner, to another Minecraft Build-A-Thon. Each Build-A-Thon has a different theme, and this time it’s SCI-FI! Sci-Fi inspired creations have factored heavily in previous Build-A-Thon’s so now’s your chance to really duke it out beyond space and time! We launched this contest in the Nerdy Show episode, “The Future is Now“. Have a listen for some additional details about the contest and the amazing prizes up for grabs including some super coveted Fangamer merch inspired by Minecraft! Check out the full prize list below, familiarize yourself with the rules, and GET BUILDING!



Devise the greatest Sci-Fi.-themed structure the Minecraftverse has ever seen! It could be sprite art, it could be a blocky re-imagining of something from a game, film, book… a location or object inspired by a story, or something so high concept no one has even considered it yet. Use rare materials, use redstone switches, wow us with scope or simplicity, most importantly craft something visionary. All sci-fi from all mediums is allowed!

DUE DATE EXTENDED: Monday, March 11th 11:59pm


Nerdy Show will be joined by Marshall Weber of Husky Jackal Theater, the guys behind Terminator The Second and Charlie Verdin of Fangamer to decide the winners!



1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners all get a smattering of cool stuff, but in addition to those we’re offering up an eclectic selection of themed prize packs, making up this Build-A-Thon’s prize cache. Since they’re so different, we use a turn-based system where the highest ranking winner chooses the prizes he or she wants first. The first place winner get’s first pick, then second, then third. Look below for all prizes in the cache and all the different items awarded to the winners. We’re likely to add prizes, so check back here often to see what’s new.

The prize cache:



  • Alien Director’s Cut theatrical poster
  • 2 Aliens: Colonial Marines bandannas (xenomorph & facehugger)




  • A wind-up Creeper from Fangamer
  • 2-Player Productions’ Minecraft: The Mojang Story from Fangamer
  • Holographic diamond, gold, silver, and redstone buttons from Fangamer
  • A Creeper pin from Fangamer
  • A Creeper tattoo from Mojang




  • Telltale Walking Dead hand & usb drive
  • Bioshock Infinite top hat
  • Assassin’s Creed 3 inflatable tomahawk
  • Bethesda Games postcards and keychains
  • Wreck it Ralph con badge card with download

star wars


  • Star Wars Dark Empire II Embossed Metal Cards
  • Princess Leia Hairbun Earmuffs
  • Assorted Stickers, Buttons, and other galactic funk


1st place –

  • First pick from the prize cache – Choose 2 PACKS!
  • Sci-Fried’s album Co-op Mode
  • Star Fox 64 preview VHS
  • A Minecraft pin set featuring diamonds from Fangamer
  • Jet Set Radio lanyard & button pack
  • T-Shirt (Choose either: A Terminator the Second shirt or Crafter’s Crest from Fangamer)
  • USB drive (Pick one: Firefall, Quantum Conundrum, Star Wars 1313)
  • Dogtag (Choose either: Mass Effect: Paragon Lost or Expendables 2)
  • Con swag pack featuring:
  • -Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit buttons
  • -Dishonored temporary tattoo
  • -Dust 514 USB card
  • -Sega magnet
  • -Sega lollipop
  • -Adventure Time 3DS button
  • -Catherine con badge card


2nd Place-

  • Second pick from the prize cache – Choose 1 PACK!
  • Hot Nintendo Newz VHS
  • A Minecraft pin set featuring gold from Fangamer
  • Jet Set Radio lanyard
  • T-shirt (Pick from the remaining selection, see 1st place)
  • USB drive (Pick from the remaining selection, see 1st place)
  • Dogtag (Pick from the remaining selection, see 1st place)
  • Con swag pack featuring:
  • -Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit buttons
  • -Dishonored temporary tattoo
  • -Dust 514 USB card
  • -Sega magnet
  • -Sega lollipop
  • -Adventure Time 3DS button
  • -Catherine con badge card


3rd Place-

  • The remaining Cache Pack is yours!
  • Hot Nintendo Newz VHS
  • A Minecraft pin set featuring redstone from Fangamer
  • Jet Set Radio lanyard
  • T-shirt (Pick from the remaining selection, see 1st place)
  • USB drive (Pick from the remaining selection, see 1st place)
  • Dogtag (Pick from the remaining selection, see 1st place)
  • Con swag pack featuring:
  • -Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit buttons
  • -Dishonored temporary tattoo
  • -Dust 514 USB card
  • -Sega magnet
  • -Sega lollipop
  • -Adventure Time 3DS button
  • -Catherine con badge card



Three runners-up will receive a Minecraft pin set featuring redstone from Fangamer.


  • If by some miracle you haven’t yet – get Minecraft
  • Log on to Nerdy Show’s Minecraft Server of Awesome:

Find an unoccupied space and build your masterwork.

For inspiration or more on Nerdy Show’s server, check out our Minecraft articles exploring the user-created structures, featuring world maps!

Listen to Nerdy.FM while you build!


You can submit as many entries as you like, but remember: it’s quality we want, not quantity.

For examples, check out the winners of our previous Build-A-Thons:  Video Games :: Television

Structures built before the start of the contest are allowed. However, structures submitted as previous Nerdy Show contest entries (including Build-A-Thons) are not allowed.

To submit an entry you must:

  1. Make a posting on the Nerdy Show Forums (see below)
  2. Send an email to with the subject heading : “Minecraft Sci-Fi Build, [Your Name], [The title of your entry]” and your message must include the following:
  • Your name, Minecraft handle, mailing address, age, and Trade on the SoA if applicable (ex: Shopkeep)
  • The title of your project (cleverness not required)
  • A link to your submission on the forums
  • The coordinates of your structure (press F3 in-game)


Create an account on the Nerdy Show Forums. Next, go to the Minecraft Build-A-Thon page and make a posting for your entry in the entries page. Say you have two entries, make a new page for each one, but please keep postings organized – If you want to add additional photos or descriptions to a submission (before the due date!) make sure that it’s added to your correct posting.

Postings on the forums will make or break your entry as we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to view all the entries in person.

Take screen captures of your structure and upload them to your favorite image host. Use html to insert your images into your posting. Be sure to:

  • Make it interesting!
  • Describe the project
  • Explain the contents of the images
  • Tell us about what went into the construction (work hours, number of blocks, etc.)
  • If you have any video of your project, post it! (optional)
  • Coordinates so people can visit (optional on the forums, MUST appear in e-mail)
  • If you had any help on the project – give props.

It’s okay for multiple people to have worked on a structure, but official entries must be made by the designated project leader. All winning prizes will be sent to the official entrant. Any division of prizes to others who worked on the project is not the responsibility of Nerdy Show, Stay Tuned, or 604 Republic. If there is a dispute about the ownership of a structure, it must be contested on the specific entry in the Nerdy Show Forums. If a dispute is not resolved by the end of the contest, the entry will not be considered for judging.


For video submissions, be sure to include “nerdy show” in the tags and label it as “Nerdy Show Minecraft Television Build-A-Thon”.


Your structure must be built on Nerdy Show’s Server of Awesome. OPs may provide materials, but are not obligated to. The server currently allows for 20 users to be on at a time. If you can’t log on, please be patient. If the server is currently down, check this thread for more info.

I have a Trade on the server, giving me special abilities – can I compete?  Yes. Please make sure to note your class when you submit.  In judging, we’ll take into account the resources available to you to gauge the difficulty and work hours put into a project.  While that will play a factor, ultimately creativity is king.

Can I be granted special Trade privileges during the contest? No. Guidelines for applying for a Trade must be followed same as always.  For members with currently active Trades, please do not apply to switch to another trade just for the duration of the contest.  It’s a busy time and we can’t help everyone.

I don’t have a Trade. What is this? If you want to become an honorary citizen of the Server of Awesome or assist with the community then you can apply for a Trade. Please see the guidelines for applying for a Trade. Only known SoA members in good standing may apply.

The Server of Awesome is a community. Rude or destructive behavior on the server or in the forums will result in a ban on both counts. Please see the SoA RULES.

All entries must be posted during the duration of this contest (February 4th-March4th, 2013) and are subject to the rules of this contest and the discretion of Nerdy Show. Any submissions found to be fraudulent or not meeting the requirements of an official submission will be disqualified. Nerdy Show reserves the right to repost or redistribute any content submitted to contest.

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