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Episode 132 :: Going North with Jeremy Soule – Part 2

Posted by NerdyShow on April 11, 2013

ep 132 300Part Two of our episode featuring renowned video game composer, Jeremy Soule and our review of BioShock Infinite. You can find PART ONE of this episode HERE.

In the conclusion of our discussion with Jeremy Soule, he further explores his motivations behind his crowd-funded symphony, The Northerner, tells how he landed his first job working for Square at 19, and shares some secrets about Secret of Evermore.

Team up with Cap, Brandon, Tony, and Doug once more for video game news and our post-game thoughts on Bioshock Infinite – a spoilerific treat we’ve safely stowed away at the end if you haven’t yet played it. For those that have, or don’t care – dive right in! The mysteries of Columbia await!


  1. Somber Memory :: audio fidelity & Jenny Fae Davis
  2. Columbia :: Adam WarRock


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