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Ghostbusters: Resurrection


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Bustin’ makes us feel good! Nerdy Show is proud to present Ghostbusters: Resurrection – An unofficial RPG audio drama about America’s newest Ghostbusting team.

It’s been over twenty years since the world was last saved by The Ghostbusters of New York. Ghosts are a rare sight these days and people have once again grown skeptical. But now, ghost sightings are on the rise in Central Florida. In a desperate attempt to keep Orlando’s image as “the vacation capital of the world” unbesmirched; the mayor cuts a deal to start a new ghostbusting franchise.

Enter five lovable slackers who are desperate for a quick buck and a change of pace. Ghostbusters: Resurrection is an actual-play podcast using the classic 1980s Ghostbusters roleplaying system to tell cinematic, spectre-smashing adventures.

So what are you waiting for? Fire up your unlicensed nuclear accelerators and get bustin’!

The Latest Ghostbusters: Resurrection Episodes

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For Ghostbusters: Resurrection, we updated West End Games’ classic RPG system to include canonical equipment from Ghostbusters 2 and The Video Game and beyond! Visit our Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub for resources on how to start your own game, expand the classic system with new gear, updated rules, and other tools to up your game. You can also pick up your own set of our all-new equipment cards and ghost dice!


Season 1:



Season 2: Ecto Alert

When the International Ghostbusters go missing somewhere in Europe, the Central Florida Ghostbusters are called in to help solve the mystery of their disappearance.



Post-Season 2 Specials:

Miscellaneous adventures occurring between Season 2 and 3.

Bustin 1 300 Bustin 2 300 derpy_show_busted_sm


Season 3: Fear Itself

It’s Halloween, the busiest night of the year – but this year something much worse than the usual spooks and specters has come to town.



Post-Season 3 Specials:

Miscellaneous adventures occurring after Season 3.

standard equip 500Special Features:

GBcommentary  GBcommentary2  Erik Burnham Tom Waltz IDW Ghostbusters RPG 


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