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Derpy Show :: Episode 35 :: Derpy Show Gets Busted

Posted by boR on October 25, 2013

derpy_show_busted_smThis year for Derp-O-Ween, the gang summons forth a most ghoulish host for your listening pleasure, until the Central Florida Ghostbusters kick in the door and ruin all the fun! Having no better ideas, DJ Snorlax, boR, and Neofaust invite the Ghostbusters to hang out and derp with them. Together they learn about apparition jurisdiction, the first two rules of Salty Bets, sex robots, who would win in a cyborg vs mutant war, and Pumpkin Clerics. Later, the Derpy Show crew gets their jobs taken, and then does some investigative journalism and uncovers the secret plans of the Christmas Creep. Will Neofaust form a proper joke? Can the guys understand Kanye and Kim? Find out on this spooktacular episode of Derpy Show!

boR, DJ Snorlax, Neofaust

Guest Derps:

The Central Florida Ghostbusters



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boR originally joined the network as one of the main driving forces behind the infamous podcast known as Derpy Show. Now he can be found producing and starring in the network's flagship podcast, Nerdy Show. When he's not podcasting or updating/maintaining, he can usually be found fixing people's computers, playing video games, tuning vehicles for maximum performance / fuel efficiency, or behind an audio mixing console at a convention. Buy his new ebook at

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