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Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub :: Gear Up

In order to play you need: Equipment Cards, Personnel Files, and a Ghost Die.

Download & Print-Your-Own:

Standard Equipment Deck

Special Equipment Deck

Redesigned Personnel Files

The Equipment Cards determine what items a Ghostbuster is carrying and act as a quick reference for how they work. Here’s where things get juicy… we’ve significantly expanded the ghost busting arsenal.

All-New Equipment Cards

We’ve redesigned and updated the Equipment Cards from the ground up featuring streamlined rules, enhanced capabilities, and all-new artwork by Matasm. We’ve also added gear from the Ghostbusters cannon that were never a part of the RPG; like the Slime Blower and Dark Matter Generator – all playtested on Ghostbusters: Resurrection.

Our new gear is divided into two decks: Standard Equipment – the essential gear every Ghostbusters franchise needs. And in 2021 we debuted the all-new Special Equipment deck –  for the experienced Ghostbuster in need of more firepower and specialized tools. Each print-your-own deck contains enough gear for a team of 5 Ghostbusters.

With these new cards come new and updated rules. Each card has a helpful summary of how they work, but for nuanced details that your GM might want to know, such as how to Slime Tether, or the in-universe technobabble about what makes an Ecto Lamp tick, you’ll want to head over to the Updated Rules page.



The Standard Equipment Deck Includes…

50 Cards: Proton Packs, Ghost Traps, P.K.E. Meters, Ecto Goggles, Slime Blowers, Parachutes, Scuba Gear, Climbing Gear, Walkie Talkies, Bullhorn, Aura Video Analyzer, Company Vehicle, Beach Kit, and Med-Kit – New in the 2021 Update!


The Special Equipment Deck Includes…

33 Cards: Proton Pistols, Boson Upgraded Proton Packs, Dark Matter Generators, Slime Grenades, K.U.D. Meters, Ghost Beacons, Polarity Rectification Tripods, and Ecto Lamp.

Did you download our original equipment deck and just need the updates?

We’ve got you covered! Click here to download just the 2021 update: all the new special equipment, updated Dark Matter Generators, and the Med-Kit.


Personnel Files

In addition to the decks, we’ve also updated the Personnel Files (in the original game these were called Player ID Files). These index-sized cards keep track of all your character data. We’ve streamlined the design and given them a style update to look like an in-world document. Form and function!


The Ghost Die

The Ghost Die is a D6 with ghost symbol on the 1. If you roll the ghost… things go sideways. This adds a fun element of chaos, even to good rolls – just like the movies! Don’t have a special die? No problem! Just use a die with a different color than the rest of your dice pool to ensure it stands out!

At one point, we offered a limited run of our own professionally printed card sets, Personnel Files, and laser-etched Ghost Dies, as well as ectoplasmic dice sets. Unfortunately, they’re unavailable for the foreseeable future.


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