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Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub :: Patreon

Expanding this supernaturally spectacular RPG is a labor of love.

When we debuted these roleplaying resources back in 2014, we simply wanted to share the updates we’d made for our podcast, Ghostbusters: Resurrection. And now? More folks are playing this classic 80s RPG than ever – and doing it with the updated equipment that Doug and the gang designed and tested. All that bustin’ makes us feel so good.

Thanks to the continued support of this devoted fanbase we’ve been able to update and expand this work – and with your help, we’ll continue to do so!

If you’d like to aid our efforts in Ghostbusters RPG excellence and test out the next generation of specter-smashing equipment, join us on Patreon:

Patrons Get Access to Experimental Equipment!

Become a Patron and you’ll be a tester for the latest prototype rules for still in-development gear like the Mason Collider and the Mega Trap. What’s more, if you join our bustling Discord community of fellow Ghost Heads, you’ll have access to an exclusive channel for GBRPG R&D. Hang out with lead developer, Doug Banks, and fellow-envelope pushing poltergeist punishers to compare notes and discuss and debate all the latest advancements.

You’ll also get access to uncut Ghostbusters: Resurrection actual play sessions, behind-the-scenes “Ghost Filibustering” – where we go DEEP into Ghostbusters lore, continuity, and historical demonology, as well as outtakes, early releases, and more.

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