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Episode 155 :: Tales from the Pacific Rim with Travis Beacham

Posted by NerdyShow on September 9, 2013

ep 155 300Pacific Rim rocked us like no summer movie has ever done in ages.   It’s got all the adrenaline pumping goodies you could ask for: giant monsters and mecha, crazy action, and special effects actually worth spending the money to see in IMAX 3D with an N64 Rumble Pack taped to your groin… AND a fantastic, human story set in an amazing original world with compelling characters and intriguing subplots.  When is the last time that was the case?  The Fifth Element?  Suffice it to say, we’ve been wanting to talk to the guy behind this movie for a while, and we finally have.

Join Cap, Brandon, Tony, and Jonathan and Andrew from Wicked Anime for a chat with screenwriter, Travis Beacham.  We discuss his experience with the kaiju genre, and his favorite anime as well as get into the overwhelmingly large world of Pacific Rim, read some erotic fan fiction, and discuss his forthcoming sci-fi TV series, Ballistic City.

Don’t wait! Hop in Tigerwolf the dog-piloted Jager, and “Throw Up or Die!”


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