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D&D Episode 10 :: The Fight to Free Tolay

Posted by NerdyShow on December 20, 2010


Dungeons and DoritosAt long last! It’s here!

The tenth, and volume-ending episode of the side-project we never expected to take off: Dungeons & Doritos!  This series has grown into a mighty beast and this is our most exciting and action-packed episode yet!

The heroes find the city of Tolay under siege – overrun with the same hyena-men that attacked them when they crossed over into the mirror world.  Faces get smashed-in, new friends are made, secrets are revealed, and Jamela gets something she’s been looking for, for a long time…

If this truly epic episode wasn’t worth the wait, then top it off with the flavor-dusted, yuletide cheer of “Do They Know It’s Crunchmas?“, the D&D crew’s “hit” Holiday single.  Yum!  Oh yeah, and there’s new art below!

What are you waiting for!?



  1. The Plateaux of Mirrors :: Harold Budd & Brian Eno  The Plateaux of Mirror - Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror
  2. D&D at the Public Library :: Glenn Case (feat. Adam!)
  3. The Wind Outside (The Egg) :: Ten19
  4. The Caverns of Winters :: Hirokazu Tanaka
  5. Duel of the Fates :: John Williams   Duel of the Fates - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  6. Inception (Shadow Battles) :: Mustin
  7. 1000% [Sample Mix] :: Grand Buffet
  8. Voices of the Deep (Catfish’s Maw) :: prophetik
  9. House of Frogs (Richard’s Villa) :: prophetik & Fishy

*No, we haven’t switched back to a large setlist – we’re experimenting with background music!  Tracks in bold are the tracks we play in full.

This episode, in addition to another track from the amazing Hipster, Please! compilation:  20-Sided Rhymes, we feature four tracks from Overclocked Remix‘s latest soundtrack remix: Threshold of a Dream, a tribute to the Gameboy classic, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.  OC Remix’s albums are more than run-of-the-mill compilations, they’re full reworkings and re-envisionings of entire game soundtracks.  This is their 20th, and one of their finest!  Do yourself and go download it.  It’s free! Just like the nineteen others, and thousands of individual tracks OCR hosts!

Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak



Glorious, new battle-riffic art by Tony Baldini, aptly-titled “Holy Shit”:

tony baldini, dungeons and doritos

  • Duraphago

    Looking forward to slacking off at work and listening to this. Thanks guys 😉

  • Tolan

    Yay! It’s finally out! I will be doing very little at work tomorrow, I suspect.

    Also, that art may be one of the most epic things ever. I want that on a tshirt! Or a poster.

  • OmniG-Sage0

    thumbs up on the BGMs and continued hilarity and awesomeness (including Radiant spell ala DQ)

  • Ghouleh

    That was the most epic episode so far. The catacombs-corridor part was taking it up to eleven. I didn’t really get the part after the whole sage dialogue, but I blame severe multi-tasking.

    The sage dialogue was very interesting indeed. It’s nice to know that the questions I asked about the items in the comments a couple DnDs back were coincidentally answered in here.

    The Medallion, especially, seems rather appropriate to fill the void in the party skill; the diplomat/smooth-talker. While Jamella tries to play that role, she doesn’t quite have the stats to back this up. Now if she learns to control the
    Medallion, the party will be pretty much set.

    Speaking of Jamella. I begin to see a pattern, here. Several rows of critical failures, fuelling her anger and frustration to the point that she eventually unleashes enough power to bring down a god.

    The entire cast, really. It seems as though they reached something near perfection in terms of teamwork, at least temporarily; the catacombs fight proves it. Of course, that performance was aided by some insanely high rolls, but still. I do hope they keep this up. Overall they seem to be acting more as a single unit rather than the mess they started with.

    Now, in a less praise-boy and more critic attitude: Interesting to see that you’re experiencing with background music and sound effects. I like the idea as a whole, but a couple comments on that:

    The background music could be a little lower. Duel of Fates was okay, but the other tracks were a little too loud; I lost the dialogue line a couple times. Maybe it’s a matter of adjusting the overall tone of the specific track to a bearable level. I think that the Medallion of Mists episode had a rather flawless sync in that respect.
    The same could be said for the sound effects. I feel that if they must be included within dialogue, they be a tad lower.

    Now, I have one actual complaint; The music itself. I wouldn’t say it didn’t fit with the episode, just that it was… Below average, and usually you throw in some awesome stuff in DnD. This episode’s started rather well, but after Duel of Fates I felt that it degraded a little. Again, as everything I said, it is merely personal opinion that does not and should not have any bearing on anything. Just my two cents as a stalker-grade fan of the show.

  • Ian Barrey

    I really wish you could post one of these every week. It’s the most fun I could possibly have while at work.

  • BLAM!

    Hell yes! Thanks for the new episode. Can’t wait to listen. Expect a very drunken, incoherent, possibly insulting comment in about an hour!

  • BLAM!

    My take on Ghouleh’s comment: Listening to the older episodes, yes there were times when the sound levels ranged from a low murmur to shrieking insanity, but at the same time it had the feeling of a group of friends having a good time acting nonsense together. That was a large part of the appeal of the show to me. I could almost feel like I was sitting at the table with you. This episode feels kind of over produced. I don’t mean this as an insult because I love what you do, but it looses some of the fun, like a low budget horror movie that comes out with a sequel 10 years later where they try to update the special effects. The charm is in the cheesy-ness. Or maybe I’m just retarded.

  • BLAM!

    Oh yeah, I wave my dong at you.

  • LSG

    One of the best episodes yet, only behind the Quest for the Erotic Pengolin. Although I must second that you usually have the most epic music but after duel of fates it kinda was below average. I am now looking forward even more to these nerdyshows now that the overreaching plot has kinda been revealed.

  • Tolan

    A fine episode.

    Interestingly, I actually thought duel of fates was placed somewhat awkwardly in, and that inception fit perfectly. To each there own, I guess. On sound effects, I deffinetly agree that they should be a little quieter. The hyena laugh seemed jarring the first few times, although I did get used to it by the end. I also think the voice modulator thingy should really be used sparingly, although it’s awesome on wolf-bear.

    Other than that, you know, good episode, lots of fun. It did strike me ass odd that after liquifying the hyena men, the soldiers didn’t take a sec to go ‘holy monkey, you guys rock!’ and celebrate at the deaths of all those enemies. Instead it was cut scened passed, skipping straight to meeting the guy who took them to the sage.

    That’s my only story complaint though, everything else rocked. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Ghouleh

    Ah yes, thank you for reminding of the voice modulators, Tolan. I think they should be kep few and far between. Personally, I didn’t like wolfbear in that his voice was pretty much the same as “the cloaked man”s, but maybe it would be wise to keep the modulation restricted to, perhaps, divine personages, like the godess of trickery?

  • C1h1r1istopher

    so much good…

  • arggg

    Vimak has bird flu? I’m so sorry.

  • Flute. Bird Flute, not Bird Flu.

  • Bagelson

    I’m thinking Vimak’s gust of wind would’ve spread the fire quite rapidly…

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