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Nerdy Show Prime: How I Met Your Mothra

Posted by NerdyShow on July 15, 2013

Met your Mothra 300Run for your lives! Nerdy Show Prime returns with a mega-sized episode dedicated to giant monsters and their natural enemies. From modern-day Kaiju to their mythic beginnings, we leave no stone un-hurled and no robot un-pummeled. Cap, Brandon, and Hex join forces with Wicked Anime‘s Jonathan and Andrew to summon the awesome knowledge needed to slay this beast.

We interview Sunstone Games’ Simon Strange and fan-favorite giant monster comic artist, Matt Frank – the team behind upcoming indie game, Colossal Kaiju Combat! They reveal their favorite giant monsters, behind-the-scenes stories, and discuss building what’s shaping up to be the greatest monster battle game of all-time. We also speak with comic legend Eric Powell about the Godzilla comic he never got to make, review Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham’s Pacific Rim, talk unconventional “giant monsters”, and more!

Plus- your favorite suburban saurians return in an all-new episode of How I Met Your Mothra. Gyaos gets ready for the big dance, Gigan gets in trouble, and King Ghidorah comes over for dinner – what’s a giant monster dad to do?

Big thanks to: BigBadShadowMan, Berto.El.Con, and all our other supporters who made this episode possible.

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  1. How I Met Your Mothra :: Marc With A C
  2. Kaiju (KillCrushDestroy) :: Tribe One
  3. Sea Monsters :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew
  4. Mothra’s Song :: The Peanuts
  5. The Trouble with Those Mothra Girls :: Daikaiju
  6. Godzilla :: Racer X
  7. Go Big or Go Extinct :: Ramin Djawadi
  8. Black Genesis (New Continent) :: Rexy & Brandon Strader






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