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Nerdy Show Prime: How I Met Your Mothra

Posted by NerdyShow on July 15, 2013

Met your Mothra 300Run for your lives! Nerdy Show Prime returns with a mega-sized episode dedicated to giant monsters and their natural enemies. From modern-day Kaiju to their mythic beginnings, we leave no stone un-hurled and no robot un-pummeled. Cap, Brandon, and Hex join forces with Wicked Anime‘s Jonathan and Andrew to summon the awesome knowledge needed to slay this beast.

We interview Sunstone Games’ Simon Strange and fan-favorite giant monster comic artist, Matt Frank – the team behind upcoming indie game, Colossal Kaiju Combat! They reveal their favorite giant monsters, behind-the-scenes stories, and discuss building what’s shaping up to be the greatest monster battle game of all-time. We also speak with comic legend Eric Powell about the Godzilla comic he never got to make, review Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham’s Pacific Rim, talk unconventional “giant monsters”, and more!

Plus- your favorite suburban saurians return in an all-new episode of How I Met Your Mothra. Gyaos gets ready for the big dance, Gigan gets in trouble, and King Ghidorah comes over for dinner – what’s a giant monster dad to do?

Big thanks to: BigBadShadowMan, Berto.El.Con, and all our other supporters who made this episode possible.



  1. How I Met Your Mothra :: Marc With A C
  2. Kaiju (KillCrushDestroy) :: Tribe One
  3. Sea Monsters :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew
  4. Mothra’s Song :: The Peanuts
  5. The Trouble with Those Mothra Girls :: Daikaiju
  6. Godzilla :: Racer X
  7. Go Big or Go Extinct :: Ramin Djawadi
  8. Black Genesis (New Continent) :: Rexy & Brandon Strader






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  • huduvudu

    I feel like this episode warrants mention of one of my favorite games growing up, King of the Monsters 2 (first wasn’t bad either). Look at this freaking cover art:

    This is as far as I know the only sidescrolling beat-em-up kaiju game, and it has you traveling the globe fighting monsters that for some reason seem to have been buried under all sorts of international monuments. It’s full of camp and was extremely good times.

    • Cap

      I always wanted to play this game! I think my Blockbuster never got it in.

  • Garayur

    Great episode guys! I now have a bunch of movies to look up and I am way more excited about Colossal Kaiju Combat now that I know a bit more about it. is a good place to look for current episodes of japanese anime. Its legal and free if you don’t mind a week delay, or released at the same time if you don’t mind paying. Attack on Titan is quite awesome.

  • TheBigBadShadowMan

    Great episode

    you guys should try to get Futuresaurus Rex into colossal kaiju combat, Brian already has the story of how Futuresaurus Rex can became a Giant monster with the hadron super collider

    • Garayur


    • Cap

      Dude. YES. I will TOTALLY suggest this to him.

  • Delphi

    All this talk about Kaiju reminded me of something I stumbled upon a few years back. Have you heard of Kaiju Big Battel (sic)? The background of it is this film students out in Boston had acquired a few cheesy rubber monster suits, and not knowing what else to do with them, started putting on live shows where people come to watch monsters fight WWE style.They have characters like Los Plantanos, Kung Fu Chicken Noodle fighting villians like Baby Sky Deviler, and the Evil Dr. Cube. It’s a pretty hilarious parody of Kaiju films, pro wrestling (especially Mexican wrestling) and super heroes and sentai in general, although to really appreciate it you have to either be a regular watcher or find one of the DVDs they release showcasing major story arcs and relevant matches. It’s worth a look, if only to laugh at the ridiculous names and costumes.

    • Cap

      Wow, yes! But I totally forgot about it. In the early planning stages of this episode it came up and I was planning on researching it. Must’ve lost those notes. Damn. It sounds fucking awesome though.

  • armadon

    Late to this party
    Now I want to see a Godzilla movie similar to dragon wars where Godzilla fights with humanity against invaders and there giant god king

  • armadon

    How many episodes are in this cast? Or how long between the interview of the colossal combat and talking about pacific rim?

    • capblackard

      Uh one…? I mean… It’s all one episode….

      • armadon

        Ok i said it all wrong. How long after you recorded did you add the bit with you, hex, and Brandon talking about pacific rim?

        • capblackard

          Oh! It’s been so long I completely forgot it was a separate thing. Not long though.

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