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Nerdy Show 214 :: Food Crawl!

Posted by NerdyShow on March 23, 2015


ep214Embark with Nerdy Show on a perilous gastronomical journey!

We’re going on a Food Crawl – a hallowed mission undertaken by a brave few to eat at as many restaurants in a single outing as possible. No pit stops, no detours, just non-stop gnoshing. Join Cap, Colin, Brandon, and Denika for a magical mystery tour through the best local Orlando restaurants. You’re along for the ride as we nerd out about food (and plenty else) while cruisin’ through the mean streets of O-Town.

Pizza? You betcha. Exciting ethnic cuisine? And how! Sandwiches with other sandwiches for buns? Oh yes. What starts as a delicious adventure spirals into a challenge of gastrointestinal fortitude as these foodies push the limits of human consumption. It’s a scared quest we don’t undertake lightly. We consult with the Food Crawl sage, Matt Spill and abide by Food Crawl Law. Because – as in ancient times, no Food Crawl comes to an end, no matter how well you’ve dined, until you hit rock bottom at Taco Bell.

Thanks to Nerdy Show supporter Anna Barich for inspiring this episode!


Restaurants Visited / Food Eaten:



  1. Hundreds & Thousands :: Mr. Frisby’s Beat Pocket
  2. Banana Dance :: Mr. Frisby’s Beat Pocket
  3. Pass it On :: Mr. Frisby’s Beat Pocket
  4. Fruit Salad :: Simon Panrucker
  5. Happy Birthday Tom (Instrumental) :: Simon Panrucker
  6. The Willies (Instrumental) :: Simon Panrucker
  7. Pizza Time :: R. Garcia Band
  8. I Like to Dance :: Simon Panrucker
  9. Everybody Poops :: Koo Koo Kanga Roo
  10. Taco Night :: Kirby Krackle
  11. Carrot Highway :: Mouth’s Cradle




Other Restaurants Mentioned:


  • Delphi

    First of all I want to apologize for the pain I accidentally put you through. When I made the suggestion of a foodie episode with the idea that no one doesn’t have an opinion on the things they put in their mouths, I had no idea it would spiral into such a huge undertaking. Nonetheless, you all performed admirably, and I commend you for the act of fortitude it took to make it as far as you did on your food crawl journey. All the restaurants you showed off sound fantastic, and truly showcase the widespread effect of the Orlando Nerd Scene. Makes me wish I lived in the area so I could try them out myself. Ah well, I’ll save this episode as reference for the next time I visit.

    Anna Barich

    • capblackard

      Ha ha! No apologies needed! You were an inspiration!

  • Kyle Sweeney

    That episode was a ridiculous amount of fun. Its also making me really want to visit Florida. That food sounds amazing.

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