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Episode 150 :: Adventures in Steampunk with Bruce Boxleitner

Posted by NerdyShow on August 5, 2013

episode150 300Nerdy Show ventures into the clockwork Megatropolis of Bruce Boxleitner’s Lantern City - a Steampunk television series currently in development. It’s an unconventional show, massive in scope, that’s partially created by the fan community that inspired it. We talk with man behind Tron and Babylon 5‘s John Sheridan and his collaborators Trevor Crafts and Matthew James Daley about the forthcoming series, and their recently released companion book, Rise.

But that’s not all – this is a Nerdy Show microsode that evolved into a full-size show! Thanks to listner Kevin Wise, we’re discussing the world of Steampunk, its origins, and related “punks”. Dieselpunk, cyberpunk, electropunk, ….cattlepunk?! Join Cap, Hex, Doug, Kaymonstar, Jon, and Kristin as they share their favorite incarnations of the genre and other steamy subjects.


  1. Steam Powered :: Professor Elemental
  2. Automatonic Electronic Harmonics :: Steam Powered Giraffe


Lantern City Links:




  1. Avatar of Nathaniel

    For the Burning Man VIctorian Mansion on wheels — found it here and here:

    “The Neverwas Haul” — pretty damn cool.

  2. Avatar of Garayur

    Great episode! I will point out that there are punks taking place in earlier eras that steampunk, such as stone punk(i.e. Flintstones). Also I am so excited to hear about Lantern City! also a good site to hear about cool steampunk things is
    and I would also bring attention to a rather awesome team airship combat game,

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