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The X-Files Re-Opened – Interview with Chris Carter & Joe Harris

Posted by NerdyShow on December 16, 2013

ep 161 300The X-Files is back!

The FBI’s unsolved case files have been reopened in a 10th season continuing Mulder and Scully’s quest for the truth – a comic book executive produced by series creator, Chris Carter. The first collected volume comes out this week and we’re joined by the entire creative team: series writer Joe Harris (Great Pacific) editor Denton J. Tipton, and Chris Carter for their first joint interview and an all-X-Files episode!

The X-Files is one of the most prolific TV shows of all-time – a cultural zeitgeist, and in many ways a contributing factor to the world becoming a nerdier place.  When the series ended there were still myriad questions, and Season 10 is every X-Phile’s long-awaited wet dream.  Cap is joined by guest host X-Fan specialists: Nina Bernardakis from Ghostbusters: Resurrection and Mike Roffman from Consequence of Sound and for a journey into the unknown.  They learn the origins of the comic, it’s canonical place with the rest of the series, how the often-rumored 3rd X-Files movie fits in, and about the upcoming annual written by X-Files writer/ producer Frank Spotnitz and Ten Thirteen’s Gabe Rotter.  The Nerdy Crew also discusses our favorite episodes, the series’ lasting impact, chilling conspiracies, and our own real-life paranormal encounters.

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  2. 6th Kind :: Zantilla
  3. Space Drive :: Theophany
  4. Cruel, Cruel Moon :: Paul and Storm


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  • Steve

    I have to disagree with a statement you made: “at one time, it was the longest-running science fiction programme of all time”.

    Doctor Who had/has that title! It started in 1963, and ended (before the ’96 film and the 2005 re-start) in 1989 – that’s 25-1/2 years!

    It may have held the title as the longest-running American Science Fiction show at a time though!

  • Cap

    @phantomsteve Fair enough Steve! A very valid point.

    • Doug

      Isn’t Dr. Who “science fantasy?”

      • Cap

        Personally, I would say so. But with X-Files having dipped into so many elements of sci-fi crossover in the past – from vampires to genies it’d be tough to argue which is more of a “real” sci-fi.

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