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Nerdy Show Prime: The Curious Case of Dean Wallace

Posted by NerdyShow on October 29, 2010

What you’re about to hear is an unparalleled document of the unusual. We pushed aside our regularly scheduled programming to tackle a pressing matter… the disappearance of our good friend, Dean Wallace.

Dean’s an occasional commentator here on Nerdy Show – an outdoorsman who’s had one or two run-ins with the paranormal… including werewolves. Recently, Dean found out his son, Gary, had big hairy secret and was looking to turn the hunter into the hunted. We thought Dean had the situation under control, but he’s been missing for the last two weeks.

This episode was originally put together to spread public awareness of Dean’s disappearance and also to raise awareness about the growing numbers of young people willingly becoming vampires, werewolves, and other beasties. We’re joined by Luke McDuffee, songwriter and bassist for alt. rock band Framing Hanley who travels the country with No Fangs, an organization devoted to teaching kids about the folly of turning to paranormal lifestyles. However, inexplicable happenings have us questioning our already wavering beliefs… Can ghosts haunt data files like video games and podcasts?

…We can only assure you that everything you hear in this episode is real. What you choose to believe is up to you.

Previous Dean Wallace Appearances:



  1. Flesh on Fire :: James House
  2. Dog Police :: Dog Police Dog Police - Dog Police
  3. Werewolves by Night :: Playing with Guns Werewolves by Night - Race with the Devil
  4. She’s Got Sorcery :: I Fight Dragons
  5. Scientistik (Remix) :: Sinister Six
  6. Vampire Killer :: Nazo Project
  7. Ghost Ride It :: Mistah F.A.B. Ghost Ride It - Hyphy Hitz
  8. Lavender Town (2nd Remix) :: Poker Studio which also plays in most online casinos
  9. Skeleton :: Bobby Yarsulik Minecraft: Skeleton - Minecraft: Epics
  10. Octo Rock :: The Icarus Kid
  11. Frozen Tongue :: The Non-Commissioned Officers
  12. Baroque Hoedown (Pop Version) :: They Might Be Giants Baroque Hoedown (Pop Version) - Moog (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
  13. Six Sick 6 :: LeeDM101
  14. Halloween is Cool (Candy Creep) :: Jackson aka Mrs. Paintbrush


Other music from this episode:

  • Yami’s Theme :: 8Bitten to Death
  • Fool’s Paradise :: Willie Nelson Fool's Paradise (Featuring Dr. John) - Milk Cow Blues
  • Ain’t Nobody’s Business :: Willie Nelson Ain't Nobody's Business - Two Men With the Blues
  • Children of Tomorrow :: Stephen Gately (From the Dr. Who drama The Horror of Glam Rock) Children of Tomorrow - Horror of Glam Rock (Featuring Clare Buckfield) - Single
  • Such Merry as We Two Have Been :: Dean Shostack


Spooky Links:

  • Meet Spookimus, the ghost that haunted Mike’s childhood. WARNING: SCARY!
  • The Lavender Town Syndrome
  • Haunted Majora’s Mask
  • The Herobrine story
  • Cap’s therianthropic journey on 43Things
  • Real 20-somethings drink homeless man’s blood
  • Watson is creepy


Other Links:

  • Get your own STYLOPHONE!
  • Get a stylophone App! Retro
  • See Luke perform! Framing Hanley’s Myspace Page
  • The music video for “Dog Police”
  • Make Out With Violence official website
  • Get the Make out With Violence limited edition DVD & vinyl
  • The Non-Commissioned Officers
  • Crazy Fucking Conspiracies
  • Dean Shostack’s Crystal Concerts

And don’t forget, if someone’s hassling you to become a creature of the night…

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