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  1. Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 129 :: The Fairy-Type Murders

    Posted by Jon Jonstar on December 28, 2017

    We #ChristmasDemand you listen to this episode! In Japanese holiday tradition, we’ve ordered up some KFC and talk about good, old-fashioned anime. Actually, the content is pretty new; we talk about some new movie trailers we’re seeing, try out some import snacks and soda, and listen to your fan #ChristmasDemands!

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  2. Nerdy Show Prime: Mighty Mega Men

    Posted by NerdyShow on September 23, 2013

    Featuring interviews with The Protomen, Capcom’s Brett Elston, and Charlie from Fangamer! Discussing two new Mega Man albums from Capcom, Mighty No. 9, and why we love the Blue Bomber.

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