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Nerdy Show Prime: The Curious Case of Dean Wallace

Posted by NerdyShow on October 29, 2010


What you’re about to hear is an unparalleled document of the unusual. We pushed aside our regularly scheduled programming to tackle a pressing matter… the disappearance of our good friend, Dean Wallace.

Dean’s an occasional commentator here on Nerdy Show – an outdoorsman who’s had one or two run-ins with the paranormal… including werewolves. Recently, Dean found out his son, Gary, had big hairy secret and was looking to turn the hunter into the hunted. We thought Dean had the situation under control, but he’s been missing for the last two weeks.

This episode was originally put together to spread public awareness of Dean’s disappearance and also to raise awareness about the growing numbers of young people willingly becoming vampires, werewolves, and other beasties. We’re joined by Luke McDuffee, songwriter and bassist for alt. rock band Framing Hanley who travels the country with No Fangs, an organization devoted to teaching kids about the folly of turning to paranormal lifestyles. However, inexplicable happenings have us questioning our already wavering beliefs… Can ghosts haunt data files like video games and podcasts?

…We can only assure you that everything you hear in this episode is real. What you choose to believe is up to you.

Previous Dean Wallace Appearances:



  1. Flesh on Fire :: James House
  2. Dog Police :: Dog Police Dog Police - Dog Police
  3. Werewolves by Night :: Playing with Guns Werewolves by Night - Race with the Devil
  4. She’s Got Sorcery :: I Fight Dragons
  5. Scientistik (Remix) :: Sinister Six
  6. Vampire Killer :: Nazo Project
  7. Ghost Ride It :: Mistah F.A.B. Ghost Ride It - Hyphy Hitz
  8. Lavender Town (2nd Remix) :: PokeRemixStudio
  9. Skeleton :: Bobby Yarsulik Minecraft: Skeleton - Minecraft: Epics
  10. Octo Rock :: The Icarus Kid
  11. Frozen Tongue :: The Non-Commissioned Officers
  12. Baroque Hoedown (Pop Version) :: They Might Be Giants Baroque Hoedown (Pop Version) - Moog (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
  13. Six Sick 6 :: LeeDM101
  14. Halloween is Cool (Candy Creep) :: Jackson aka Mrs. Paintbrush


Other music from this episode:

  • Yami’s Theme :: 8Bitten to Death
  • Fool’s Paradise :: Willie Nelson Fool's Paradise (Featuring Dr. John) - Milk Cow Blues
  • Ain’t Nobody’s Business :: Willie Nelson Ain't Nobody's Business - Two Men With the Blues
  • Children of Tomorrow :: Stephen Gately (From the Dr. Who drama The Horror of Glam Rock) Children of Tomorrow - Horror of Glam Rock (Featuring Clare Buckfield) - Single
  • Such Merry as We Two Have Been :: Dean Shostack


Spooky Links:


Other Links:

And don’t forget, if someone’s hassling you to become a creature of the night…

  • Hex!!!! i’m gonna build you a HUGE NERDAPALOOZA STAGE!!!!

    somewhere, idk yet, but i’m still working on the Drownball arena for Brian, and find a plot for the Battle of Hoth for Cap!

  • Cap


    You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Cap

    Guys, I just woke up from a dream that had the Lavender Town music in it and now I can’t get the tune out of my head…

  • Dan Blake

    I’m glad I build a huge wall around the entire area BEFORE I forged the power battery for the Amber Lamps Corps. Don’t want any creepers blowing it all to hell!

  • Cap

    @Dan Blake. Good call!

  • Fenrir Gochad

    Nerdy show monument?! I need to get on it!!!

  • Ghouleh

    Now, that was a one-of-a-kind episode if I ever heard one. Pretty much all about Dean Wallace… And Minecraft.

    Let it be noted that I laughed my lungs off during the “chupacabra” interlude. While my Spanish isn’t tip top, I could pretty much understand enough to roll on the floor laughing and thus embarass everyone around me. I actually thought it was Cap saying everything.
    Did any of you ever play Deus Ex? I’ve heard that the “greasel” monsters were loosely inspired in the chupacabra.

    What’s really disturbing in the episode, however, is that Luke’s worship of Brian really echoed what I might have said if I ever met him.

  • Fenrir Gochad

    Also… About those werewolves… Remember the sound byte about the wolf pack in San Antonio from the “Where the wild things are” episode? Two of them recently committed suicide (a pact if you ask me), and decided to come, and first gather members, and then threatened to shoot up our school… Just goes to show that there are some werewolves that are just bad news…

  • Tolan

    Whoa, that majora’s mask thing is waaay bigger than I thought. Check it out.

  • Cap


    Nope, that was really Benecio Del Toro. And, no, I haven’t played Deus Ex… I think Brandon has though. I really really want to.

    @Fenrir Gochad

    Wow dude. That’s insane. We got so caught up with our immedate concerns regarding Dean, our attentions never drifted back to San Antonio… craziness! I’m glad those crazy wolfkids didn’t go all Columbine on you. (Pretty lame for wolves if you ask me). Looks like Luke needs to take a trip to your town!

  • Chumbawompski

    Tolan is right. That Majora’s Mask deal is the scariest thing I’ve ever read.

  • Bryan

    One of the best Nerdy Shows I’ve heard! Really great stuff 😀

  • Tolan

    I just thought of an alternate explanation for the motivation behind deans kidnapping and all the weird phone calls. 

    Lunario’s first experience on the ‘net causes him to learn that nerdy show is linked to a old hunter. One who had killed one of his children (he feigned ignorance of the act to put dean off guard). Trying to learn more about Dean, he skims the nerdy show archives, where he learns about an old foe of the show. Deciding that he wants an old style super villain team up, he decides to seek out this ‘lawnmower man’. Learning that Facebook is a great way to meet people (between the movie and the fact that facebook is basically connected to every part of the net at this point, it wouldn’t be hard), he starts the facebook page that hex mentioned in order to contact lawnmower man. This is, as far as I can tell, the only reason lunario would get a Facebook account. Let’s face it, what can he do on Facebook that he couldn’t do by pissing on a tree with the wolfnet? The ever-present lawnmower man quickly learns of lunario’s efforts, and the two begin exchanging ideas. I know it was said that lawnmower man was mainly Brian’s enemy, but it could have been that he hates all of nerdy show, and Brian was just the easiest target. Or maybe he made a mistake, as was said on the show. In any case, he plans against dean with lunario, seeing it as a new way to hurt nerdy show as Brian has proven too formidable an opponent to best. Then the call-in episode reveals a new member of the Wallace family, with a possible werewolf connection. Lawnmower man, monitoring the recording, realizes the possibilities this represents and notifies lunario to phone in. You know what happened next. From this point all it took was a few inflammatory emails and phone calls and Gary attacked. Then all they had to do was give the crew a reason to believe that the message given to them on the cell was real (the first phone call) and then the trap was set. The plan was probably to have dean killed, and then lure the rest of the group to Gary’s location, likely through a GPS on his body. Probably the only thing they didn’t account for was that Dean would win his fight. 

    Instead of leading the nerdy show to their deaths, lawnmower man lead them to their friend, saving Dean’s life. 

    Lunario failed to kill his old foe, and he lost yet another wolf-child to Dean. 

    You don’t get to be an old werewolf without being clever. Next time, they won’t be so sloppy. 

    I’ve had far to much Halloween candy, so maybe this is all crap. Hell, I’m not even sure it makes sense. All I know is this: the enemies of nerdy show are strong. It’s up to us to be stronger.

  • Cap


    DUDE. We’ve got to be careful. Candy-addled or not, your mind may have borne sinister fruits and you could very well be on to something. I wasn’t convinced Lunario had it in him to be a serious threat, but now that you’ve suggested this I’m really worried…

  • Raven777

    That was an AMAZING episode.

  • M

    This episode is too long. I thought you guys were going to release the shows in segments. Much more digestible that way.

  • Jim

    I wasn’t too sure of the format switch up when you mentioned it but holy hell have you guys delivered! Also Spookimus haunts my every thought now, Thanks alot.

  • Cap


    The format change was for Nerdy Show season 4, which has more general topics discussions and is grouped into segments. There’s a new one coming next week. They’re monthly and usually around the beginning of the month.

    Nerdy Show Prime is for what we’re calling “Blockbuster” episodes – feature-length, focused discussions. They won’t all be this long, but we let them go as long as we need for the subject at hand. I know with the older episodes lots of people used the song breaks as stopping points.

  • DDNeuro

    Personally, I’ve done an immense amount of research into the Lavender Town phenomenon, and while most stories are just contradictory or flat-out bull, there are a few of the original stories which all carry the same basic details, and all lead to the same defunct website. The information on this website does include what Mike mentioned about the “Buried Alive Model”, as well as several other dummied-out systems in both the main story, as well as Lavender Town.

    The base similarities of all stories , oddly don’t blame the music, but something that in conjunction with the music made the players go completely insane. Recently, I found myself finding some of this similar to a small thing I noticed in Twin Peaks, and believe that, due to the well known fact that Twin Peaks is extremely popular in Japan, perhaps, some game designers took the same hint, and made it into a reality within the original games. I ordered a copy of the original pokemon Red in order to check for it myself.

  • CFC




  • This. Show. Was. EPIC. That was great! Oh my word! So worth it that I went through all the archives in order now! You guys rock! Well done! 😀

  • Cap

    @Tacticslion Thanks, man!

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