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Episode 167 :: Nerdy Show LIVE – Anniversary Special with Professor Shyguy

Posted by NerdyShow on March 2, 2014

ep167 300Our live show is back with a vengeance!

Perhaps you caught our pilot episode last year where we slimed each other and challenged fans to an eating contest.  Well, we’re back with an all-new challenge! Join the hosts of Nerdy Show, Flame On!, and Ghostbusters: Resurrection as well as special guest, chip pop rocker extraordinaire, Professor Shyguy – for a birthday-style nerd battle the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Watch the video here!

But wait! There’s more!  February was kind of a chill month for Nerdy Show… that’s ’cause March is gonna be nutzo!  First of all, it’s RPG month with themed episodes and a $upport Drive to match, but also we’ve got some huge interviews coming up, as well as more videos and events.  Check out the podcast below to hear what’s in store!




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