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Nerdy Show Prime: Bacon

Posted by NerdyShow on May 3, 2012

bacon feat intoBecause you demanded it: BACON.

The haters out there said “old meme is old” and you said “hell no”.  You, nerds of discerning taste, wanted to see if Nerdy Show could possibly pack any more awesome into savory, fat-rippled pork products.  You were 1,000% right. Yes, we produced a bacon-themed podcast where we meet bacon makers and came to an understanding of why Odin saw fit to bestow us with these savory meats – but that is not the main attraction here.  No…


Behold Nerdy Meal Time and weep. It is as if millions of pigs cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. We’re joined by THE PROTOMEN as we voyage deep into a meaty, greasy abyss. These robits from the future sure know how to chow down.

Q: What would the bacon craze be without Epic Meal Time? A: A withered and well-humped husk. But these Princes of Meat have become Internet Kings with their legendary videos. They are an inspiration. So, paying homage to their legacy, we have combined their greatness with our own nerd brilliance. F–king SMART.

Our other Bacon Vids:



This is Nerdy Show isn’t it? So you know we’re going to record a damn podcast. That’s the name of the game. Nerdy Meal Time is the main event, but in this bacon podcast we get into the nitty gritty. Want to find out how bacon is made? We drove from Orlando, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee to find out.

Adventure with us to The Loveless Cafe where they smoke their own meats and make some of the finest bacon products in the U.S. of A. We speak with Tony the Pitmaster and Loveless (bacon) spokesperson Jesse Goldstein about how cute pigs are transformed into succulent pork products of every shape and form.

Joining Cap, Hex, Brandon, Colin, and Luke for this episode is Chrystal Casale, pro chef and instrumental force behind making Nerdy Meal Time a reality. We drop some science on this whole bacon phenomena and recount the dramatic tale of how Nerdy Meal Time came into being… and its painful side-effects.

Big thanks to: Twothums, Jobarda, MuckRaker, Stuart Edney, BigBadShadowMan, Frozentreasure, and all our other supporters of October ’11 who made this bacon-stravaganza possible.

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  1. Spoiled R0TT3N :: Benjamin Briggs
  2. Pork Chops :: Torrentz ft. Milk-Plus, MC Wreckshin, & Betty Rebel
  3. Making Bacon on the Beach :: Marc with a C
  4. GourMEAT Race :: Inverse Phase
  5. Hot Dog Storm :: Temp Sounds Solutions
  6. My Bologna :: “Weird Al” Yankovic My Bologna - Weird Al Yankovic


Delicious Treats From The Loveless Cafe:


Bacon Links:



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