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Episode 199 :: UHF 25th Anniversary with “Weird Al” Yankovic & Jay Levey

Posted by NerdyShow on November 10, 2014

Weird AlAs a pop culture icon born of the music video age, “Weird Al” Yankovic is a multimedia artist. His music videos, TV appearances, and his cult classic film UHF have defined visual comedy for legions of weirdos. In this episode we send up the visual side of Weird Al and commemorate UHF‘s 25th Anniversary. To mark the occasion, Weird Al returns to Nerdy Show with his partner in crime, Jay Levey – director of UHF and many of Al’s classic music videos. They share insight into the creation of not only the film, but also The Compleat Al, a fan-favorite mockumentary on DVD for the first time; thoughts on the future of Al in film, the porn they inspired, and more!

Join Cap, Jonna, Marc with a C, and special guest host Professor Shyguy for engrossing discussions on our favorite gags from the film, Al’s forgotten album Me, Myself, and I, his foray into Saturday morning kids programming, his influential stints running Al TV, and Marc’s recipe for a perfect UHF sequel. You’ll be pleasantly suppliesed!


  1. Let Me Be Your Hog :: Marc With a C
  2. That Boy Could Dance :: Insane Ian



  • armadon

    So are there plans in the works to have a weird al fan film donation drive?
    And are the producers of nerdyFM working round the clock gathering rights to songs to play on the station or is it a simple matter of looking up to see if the rights are open to use

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