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Season 4 Episode 45 :: Mark Waid and the Digital Future

Posted by NerdyShow on May 17, 2012

Aw yeah, comics! Nerdy Show is back to doing monthly comics episodes. Welcome to Nerdy Show Comic Show! Join Aaron of A Comic Shop and A Comic Show and your regular Nerdy Show hosts, Cap, Hex, and Brian “Atomic Robo” Clevinger with their pal Adam Bernstein of GeekRest for discussion on the latest titles and the latest comic news.

In this inaugural, Nerdy Show Comic Show we turn our gaze to the future of comics. A possibly paperless future. Mark Waid put down the detonator and took a break from his “war” on physical comic stores to share with us his perspective on where he feels the industry is headed and how he intends to succeed in making the big leap into creator-owned digital comics.


  1. Nerdy Show Theme  ::  Level 99
  2. A Daughter’s Revenge  ::  DJ RoboRob
  3. In The Robot Factory  ::  Anti-Syne
  4. About to Explode  ::  Adam WarRock
  5. Never Fall  ::  Sci-Fried feat. Kirby Krackle
  6. We Are Star Dust  :: Symphony of Science

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  1. [...] Here's an interview me and my Nerdy Show crew did with Waid on digital comics back in May. Waid was super transparent, he's not hiding anything. I love the guy! Season 4 Episode 45 :: Mark Waid and the Digital Future | Nerdy Show [...]

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