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Lightning Dogs: The Official Paw’dcast :: Episode 25 :: Lightning Dogs: The Movie

Posted by NerdyShow on October 16, 2017

Ride with The Lightning Dogs: canines from another world; stranded on a post-apocalyptic Earth. It’s a crazy idea fueled by our favorite 80s pop culture and we’ve been recording our development of it since the moment lightning struck. Join us on our quest to build this world and launch it as an animated series.

Many great animated series kick off with a multi-part, feature-length storyline – Ninja Turtles, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Gargoyles… the list goes on. If Lightning Dogs is truly the heir to these awesome pillars of animated action, we must do the same.

How many episodes would it be? When will the Lightning Dogs meet Glampire? How much of the Wasteland do they see before destroying their way back home? In this episode we solidify the timeline for our Dogs’ multi-part adventure and figure out other key plot points for our hypothetical “season 1”.

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