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Nerdy Show 206 :: Frank Black is Back: The Return of Millennium

Posted by NerdyShow on January 26, 2015

millennium Welcome Nerdy Show listener. There are zero days remaining.

We hope you’re prepared for twisted conspiracies and apocalyptic prophesies, because The X-Files‘, cult classic sister show, Millennium, is back!

Y2K may have been 15 years ago, but the war for the souls of mankind isn’t over. The series has been resurrected in comic form at IDW and Lance Henriksen’s iconic character Frank Black is stepping from the pages of X-Files Season 10 into an all-new miniseries. To make the occasion, we’re joined by X-Files and Millennium author, Joe Harris to discuss the legacy of the show and what mysteries the future holds.

If you’re not already a fan of the show – you will be! Nerdy Show host Cap has teamed up with guest-hosts from Millennium fan site Back to Frank Black, Troy Foreman and James McLean, to usher you into the series’ captivating throes. We discuss why its one of our favorite television shows, how the Millennium comic is a godsend for fans, the recent news of The X-Files‘ possible return, and how Troy and James have led the charge in resurrecting this cult favorite with acts of unprecedented fan love.

This is who we are.


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