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Episode 165 :: Community Update & “A Celebration of Harry Potter” Review

Posted by NerdyShow on January 27, 2014

ep165 300An impromptu episode!

Much is going on here at Nerdy Show – both behind the scenes and live on the Internets!  So much so we haven’t had a chance to announce or discuss it all on an episode of Nerdy Show yet!  Join Cap, Jon, and Kristin as we discuss upcoming Nerdy Show Live episodes, the release of the Nerdapalooza 2013 video archive, Nerdy Show’s exclusive Star Wars: Attack Squadrons beta keys, the latest Movie Marathon $upport Drive and other breaking Nerdy Show happenings.

Plus – Jon and Kristin review their experience at Universal Studios’ first “Celebration of Harry Potter” event.  It’s Universal’s attempted answer to Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, but can the Potter magic overpower the awesomeness of The Force?  Also, what would an episode of the show with Jon be without a sci-tech segment?  Not nearly sciencey enough, that’s what.



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