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Episode 146 :: Nerdy Show Comic Show :: Heroes Falling, Villains Rising

Posted by NerdyShow on June 24, 2013

EP 146 300It’s a hot time for fans of cosmic happenings in superhero universes.   Thanos, one of Marvel’s ultimate big bads, is getting the origin treatment with the mightily-bearded uber-author Jason Aaron (Wolverine & the X-Men, Thor: God of Thunder).  Meanwhile over at DC, Geoff Johns’ landmark run of Green Lantern has ended, paving the way for a new creative team on every Lantern book including Rob Venditti (The Surrogates, X-O Manowar) on the main Green Lantern title.  Dig this: not only do we interview both of those fine gentlemen in this episode, but we also moderate a panel at HeroesCon with the new authors of all the primary Lantern books – Van Jensen, Charles Soule, and Justin Jordan!

Cap and Aaron host a mega-sized Comic Show not to be missed! Big names, big discussions, and keen insights. What exactly happened that took Venditti off Constantine? What did Aaron publicly confront DC publisher, Dan Didio about at the DC Retailer Road Show? What forthcoming event was accidentally alluded to during the Lantern panel?  We also discuss what books we’re reading right now and play clips from other panels we moderated at HeroesCon including the Image panel featuring: Joe Harris (Great Pacific, X-Files), Tradd Moore and Justin Jordan (Luther Strode), Nate Bellegarde (Nowhere Men), Cory Walker (Invincible), Ming Doyle (Mara), Joe Eisma (Morning Glories), and Todd Nauck (Invincible Universe) AND the Dark Horse panel with: Eric Powell (The Goon), Sanford Greene (Rotten Apple), Becky Cloonan (The Fabulous Killjoys), and Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT).


  1. Dark Galactica :: Yerzmyey
  2. Thinking Cap :: Platonist
  3. A Team By Myself :: Grammar Club
  4. Ring Capacity (Live) :: Kirby Krackle
  5. The Mayor :: Adam WarRock




Comics [links coming soon]:

  • Wolverine & the X-Men
  • Thor: God of Thunder
  • Other Side
  • Scalped
  • A vs. X
  • Schism
  • X-O Manowar
  • The Surrogates
  • The Homeland Directive
  • Thunderbolts
  • X-Files Season 10
  • Demeter by Becky Cloonan
  • Black Church by Andy Belanger
  • Liz Suburbia
  • Strange Attractors by Charles Soule
  • Age of Ultron
  • Superman Unchained
  • Luther Strode
  • Nowhere Men
  • Invincible
  • Invincible Universe
  • Mara
  • Morning Glories
  • The Goon
  • Rotten Apple
  • The Fabulous Killjoys
  • Mind MGMT

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