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Derpy Show :: Goth Chat – Necrofaust’s Wake

Posted by boR on October 22, 2013

Goth Chat is in no way affiliated with the inferior Tampa cable access show called Goth Talk. Any similarities are purely coincidental, and definitely not intentional. The goth scene in Orlando is much more sinister and hardcore no matter what Azrael says.


  • boR as Nether-boR
  • MissTerri Guest as Venifica Lunarum
  • DJ Snorlax as Count Vizagoth
  • Neofaust as Necrofaust
  • RoboJoe as Jock Brother
  • Dr. Mrs the Dirty Hipster – Camera Person / One who has to sleep with that.

About boR

boR originally joined the network as one of the main driving forces behind the infamous podcast known as Derpy Show. Now he can be found producing and starring in the network's flagship podcast, Nerdy Show. When he's not podcasting or updating/maintaining, he can usually be found fixing people's computers, playing video games, tuning vehicles for maximum performance / fuel efficiency, or behind an audio mixing console at a convention. Buy his new ebook at

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