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  1. Film Review: The Protomen – “Light Up the Night”

    This article first appeared on Consequence of Sound as “First Look: The Protomen’s 16-minute short film Light Up the Night“, published 9/8/2016.

    The Protomen are the kind of band that typically only exists in fiction. They’re too extravagant to be real. How else could you rationalize an eight person crew, faces painted silver, with music, wardrobe, and stage presence that fuses spaghetti westerns with Blade Runner? There’s only a few acts out there that would dare to be so audacious, fewer still that could back up their raw theatricality with a performance that melts any sense novelty as soon as they play. They are, by design, larger than life. Which is why it should be no surprise that their first music video is a 16 minute short film. (more…)

  2. Crowdfund This! Marc With a C, Atomic Robo, D20 Drinking Glasses & More


    Someone must’ve put out a memo that said Labor Day week was the time to launch crowdfunding campaigns – ’cause there’s an amazing batch of projects that just hit the web. These indie artists have the need for funds, and very worthy projects in need of funding, so here’s hoping you’ve got some money tucked away! Whether it’s funding artistic pursuits on Patreon, or scoring cool product via Kickstarter, below you’ll find details on the who’s, what’s, and where can I throw my moneys in the worlds of nerd music, comic books, and video games.


  3. EarthBound Composer Keiichi Suzuki Scores US Film, Crowdfunds Vinyl Release

    for the plasma

    EarthBound is the biggest cult hit in video game history for a great many reasons and we’ve extolled those reasons myriad times in the past here on The Nerdy Show Network. Without question, one of the most celebrated aspects of the game’s awesomeness is its score, created by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka. The score’s avant-garde genre fusion has topped game music lists, and influenced a whole generation of musicians following its release. (In fact, this past month I hosted a panel of musicians Camp Fangamer celebrating the music of EarthBound – you can hear it as a perk on our Patreon). Suzuki’s influence doesn’t just reach to a revered game series, he founded the new wave bands Hachimitsupai and the Moonriders and composed for revered Japanese films like Tokyo Godfathers and the 2003 revival of Zatoichi. Now he’s scoring his first US film and is crowdfunding a vinyl release. (more…)

  4. On My Obsession with Hamilton

    HamiltonJess first published this article on her personal blog, but she thought you fine people might enjoy reading about it here, too!

    Fun fact: I’m a huge nerd. [Surprise!]

    Part of the territory of being a huge nerd means that I never simply “like” things: I’m either completely obsessed or couldn’t be bothered. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop musical Hamilton just so happens to fall into the “totally obsessed” category. I listened to literally nothing but the Hamilton Original Cast Recording from October to December. And I’m talking actual literal here – I needed this musical in my earholes so badly that even though it was only released in October, it’s my most-listened-to album of 2015. (more…)

  5. Music To Listen To: Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys

    Army of Broken Toys - Liza Voll Photography

    Lauren Furze is co-station manager on our streaming music station, Nerdy.FM. She also reviews the latest records from the multi-faceted Nerd Music genre and publishes her own tunes on her website, TheFifthSister, where this article was first published.

    I love finding new music to listen to and one band that really has taken my notice lately is SteamCRUNK act Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys.

    I was introduced to them when their songs were added into rotation on Nerdy.FM and I have to say these guys are truly unique. “SteamCRUNK” does a fair amount to suggest tonally what you’re in for, but think of a blend of Abney Park and early Steam Powered Giraffe with a dash of experiment thrown in. Their music is a precarious balance of beauty and restrained chaos. They seemlessly blend styles we’ve come to associate with the steampunk genre but add flare of blues, indie, cabaret, circus, gypsy and so much more. (more…)

  6. VIDEO PREMIERE :: Chamber Band’s “In the Colosseum”

    The Nerdy Show Network is proud to premiere a brand new video from Chamber Band!

    Last month, the nerdy art rockers unveiled their sophomore album, Careers, and subsequently rocked our world with twelve tracks of heartrending adventure. But that wasn’t enough – the fans wanted BLOOD. Well, now you have it. In the video for their cover of Tom Waits’ “In the Colosseum” the band take on the roles of Snub Hub assassins and do the dirty work of a bullied young man with vengeance on his mind. Chamber Band does triple duty portraying not just the killers but also the hipster jocks and latte-swilling yuppies that just wanna keep a young man down. (more…)

  7. [Video] Random Encounter – Farewell Careless / 10 Year Anniversary Concert (Full) 10/3/2015

    On Saturday, October 3rd 2015, the founder, lead accordion player, and vocalist of Random Encounter played his final show with the band. It was a highly emotional, yet energetic show that those who were fortunate enough to attend will surely remember for many years to come. Fortunately for you, I was there to document this historic event, so that you can experience it yourself. Careless had been saving up phoenix downs for this event, and used them to resurrect fallen ex-members of the band to perform one last time as Random Encounter. They kicked off the show with the lineup they started with in 2005, and ended with the lineup that will continue on into the future. (more…)

  8. ALBUM REVIEW: Chamber Band – Careers

    chamber band careersLauren Furze is co-station manager on our streaming music station, Nerdy.FM. She also reviews the latest records from the multi-faceted Nerd Music genre and publishes her own tunes on her website, TheFifthSister, where this article was first published.

    I’m going to state this first and foremost: I think Careers is going to be one of the main contenders for the “best of 2015” title.

    Careers is the new album from Chamber Band, and is loosely inspired by the Hunger Games series. Now, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy this album without having read the books or watched the films – because you can. The band have managed to craft an album for everyone to enjoy. (more…)

  9. Remembering James Horner: Our Favorite Scores From His Nerdiest Films

    james horner

    James Horner, was without a doubt one of the finest film score composers of the 20th (and 21st) century. He also has the distinction of scoring some of the nerdiest films of the past 30 years and imbuing all of cinema with SO MANY FEELS. To celebrate the man’s life of amazing music, Nerdy Show would like to share some of our favorites in no particular order. (more…)

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