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Nerdy Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to every facet of nerdom. Comics and video games, science and technology, nerd music, and everything in between… If it’s geeky, we’ve got it covered. “Nerdy Show” is the flagship show of The Nerdy Show Network, coming at you every Wednesday.

Every other week we take on current pop culture and the weeks in-between we give to in-depth discussions, interviews, and a multiverse of nerdy weirdness. 

We started nerdcasting back in 2009. Friends doing what came naturally: nerding out about stuff we love and making each other laugh.  These days, our cast has grown, our special guests are extra special, and our antics are more explosive, but we keep things true to our beginnings: honest, uncensored nerdy entertainment.

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Nerdy Show used to come out in “seasons”.  Check out all our pre-2013 content here!



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