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About The Nerdy Show Network:

The Nerdy Show Network is a nerd entertainment network, specializing in podcasts and dedicated to geeky programming for all nerds across the multiverse – both hilarious talk programming and cutting-edge audio dramas.

Nerdy Show has been ‘nerdcasting’ since 2009; beginning with the Network’s flagship podcast, Nerdy Show – a chameleonic talk show covering every facet of the geek world, going on surreal adventures, and speaking with noted nerd celebrities. From there, programming expanded to talk shows covering a multitude of nerd niches: the all-gay, all-geek Flame On!; the animation documentary Lightning Dogs; the Japanese culture ‘cast Wicked Anime; the interactive writer’s workshop, Bad Storytellers; the nerd show about nothing, Derpy Show; and slice-of-life podcasts from nerdcore rap luminaries Schaffer the Darklord (EPIC PIEcast) and Mega Ran (Bits, Rhymes & Life).

But talk is only half the story, Nerdy Show is best known for their cinematic audio dramas, such as the acclaimed sci-fi series, The Orphans and their beloved RPG audio drama which combine tabletop roleplaying with full filmic productions: The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program, Dungeons & Doritos, Pokéballs of Steelix, and Ghostbusters: Resurrection along with the multiverse of scripted and improvised mayhem of Nerdy Show Theatre.




Nerdy Show‘s varied podcast programming are certain to inject a healthy dose nerd humor and infotainment into your daily grind.

About Nerdy Show (The Podcast):

Nerdy Show is The Nerdy Show Network’s titular flagship podcast – the one that started it all. It’s a weekly talk and humor podcast that embraces all nerdy topics. Nerdy Show has featured interviews with major geek celebrities such as: Dan Aykroyd, Devo, Thomas Dolby, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Reggie Watts, Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Star Wars: Rebels), Amanda Palmer, Billy Dee Williams, The Protomen, Jason Aaron (Wolverine & the X-Men), Chris Carter (The X-Files creator), Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) and many more. It’s the creative epicenter for many of the Network’s biggest projects such as Dungeons & Doritos and the alternate-reality 80s cartoon show, Lightning Dogs.


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