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Flame On! The All-Gay All-Geek Podcast!

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Flame On! is an all-gay, all-geek podcast! Thrill as the boys dish on all of geekdom and gaydom – comics, movies, video games, drag divas – it’s all here. These fellas are fuuueled like FIRE! So start melting cuz this show is hotter than hot! It’s HOT! HOT! HOT! New Episodes Every Other Friday!

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Alias:The Bear, Professor
Position: Top and Flame On! Showrunner Extraordinaire
Favorite Publisher: Pre-New-52 DC
Favorite Hero: Superman
Favorite Comic: All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly
Trivia: I am a musician-coder-teacher-gardener (mostly in that order) with a sometimes (always) unhealthy obsession with traveling in time and space.






Alias:Talking Bear-Skin Rug
Position: Vers and Flame On! Audio Editor & Media Relations
Favorite Publisher: Marvel
Favorite Hero: Jean Grey
Favorite Comic: X-Men
Trivia: I am a fierce cub that runs The Bears in the City, an entertainment company for furry fun!





Alias: Guytoonistjarrod
Position: Top, and Flame On! Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Favorite Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Favorite Hero: Conan the Cimmerean
Favorite Comic: Battle Pope by Robert Kirkman
Trivia: He came from the East, bringing dark things, of magic and forgotten poems. At his side stood madness, and upon his back, sorrow, forever wandering the smoldering mantle of the green wastes.

Watch me strip, if you dare.





ericAlias: Jean, Muscle Pig
Position: Duh! Power Cosmic Bottom! And Flame On! Muscle Man
Favorite Publisher: DC Comics
Favorite Hero: Jean Grey – The Phoenix!
Favorite Comic: Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman because I love stiff guys moaning at me, and Flashpoint by Geoff Johns because I love getting my reality rocked!
Trivia: I want to have sex with… wait – will my husband be reading this?




oralAlias: The Scarlet Witch, Nubian Nympho
Position: Head Bitch in Charge
Favorite Publisher: Vertigo
Favorite Hero: Refer to alias
Favorite Comic: The Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross
Trivia: I am a hurricane of chaos and nerdy to the bone. On a good day, I can be really nice; I don’t have many good days.





joshuaAlias:The Question, or just Q for short
Position: Authority on all things Darth Maul, Green Lantern, and Powerpuff Girls
Favorite Publisher: I love them all!
Favorite Hero: Green Lantern Simon Baz — my true comic book counterpoint
Favorite Comic: Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez – it’s Harry Potter meets The Shining
Trivia: I’m a Comic Book Editor for hire and also a Reviewer for IGN Comics who sometimes makes a good point but mostly just angers people until they call for my resignation.




bathtime with eric 618Eric, the Diva Daddy with a Jean Grey complex slips into a bubble bath to share his nerd news highlights of the week.

Get ready to be SOAKED!



Web Comic:

Nerdy Strip’s sexy gay cousin. Hunky dudes, super powers, and nerdgasms.

Written & drawn by:
Jarrod Pope

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