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  1. VIDEO: Wicked Anime :: Anime Boston 2017

    It’s that time again!  You know, that time where Wicked Anime makes a really late post about a con they went to nearly a year before!  Live vicariously through them as they travel around Anime Boston 2017.  This video has a Deadpool in it!!!

    Dedicated to our #1 fan and Wicked Anime supporter, Dad! (1962-2017)


  2. VIDEO: Cap Joins One Shot Podcast For Betrayal at House on the Hill

    While visiting Chicago, Cap met up with the crew of One Shot for a tense and terrifying session of the beloved board game: Betrayal at House on the Hill!

    If One Shot is new to you, get ready to familiarize yourselves! They’re a podcast group specializing in one-off playthroughs of tabletop RPGs, and a long-running Star Wars campaign, in addition to other fine programs. In this session your crew of spooky house spelunkers are One Shot‘s James D’Amato and Mel Fox, along with Aram Vartian, creator of Godsfall an RPG podcast set in a custom world of swords and superheroes, and of course Nerdy Show‘s intrepid lead host, Cap. (more…)

  3. Nerdy Show’s Suicide Squad Review

    Tony and boR saw Suicide Squad! One of them loved the the other was kind of ambivalent. Can you guess who? (Hint: it’s not who you’re thinking!)

    After a heaping mess of grimdark, can DC kick it cinematic presence into gear and put out a fun summer film? In this spoiler-free Suicide Squad review hear who were the stand-out characters, how the shift in tone works for this new chapter in DC’s cinematic U, and more!


  4. VIDEO: Bloopers from Nerdy Show 261 – Poseidon’s Kiss

    Sometimes bloopers turn into Patreon perks, other times they turn into short videos of crap from the cutting room floor. What do our mics smell like? What did Brandon’s dad share with him? These questions and more will be skirted around and turned into jokes! (more…)

  5. VIDEO: Bloopers from Nerdy Show 258 – Podcasts For Dangerous Humans

    Sometimes bloopers turn into Patreon perks, other times they turn into short videos of crap from the cutting room floor. More false starts, vulgarities, and assorted sex toy talk than you can shake a double-ender at. (more…)

  6. Must There Be A Superman? – A Documentary

    It’s one of the inevitable comics discussions. Sooner or later someone is going to make a comment about Superman. Maybe positive, maybe negative, but often divisive. “Superman is boring” is the usual call to action. Love him or hate him, most agree that there’s something not right these days with how The Man of Steel is being handled.

    Enter Consequence of Sound and RIO!B Productions, Sami Jarroush – a lifelong Superman fan – who’s on a quest to discover what makes Kal-El tick and if he’s still relevant in today’s world. In his documentary, Must There Be A Superman?, Jarroush speaks with fans and comics experts alike including comics greats Mark Waid (Kingdom ComeDaredevil) and Neal Adams (Green Lantern/ Green Arrow) as well as comics scholars Glen Weldon (Superman: The Unauthorized Biography), Randall Lotowytz, Asher Elbain, and Nerdy Show‘s own Cap Blackard.

    Whether you see Supes as The Big Blue Boy Scout or a champion of the oppressed; this cross section of one of pop culture’s most iconic characters offers some much needed perspective on his place in the 21st century. Must there be a Superman? And if so, what is it about him that continues to speak to us? (more…)

  7. Nerdy Show Video! Star Trek Beyond, VR Sexy Times, & More

    Your Patreon dollars at work! We’re exploring the realm of video for our flagship show, Nerdy Show. Join us in the studio for episode 248: “Pop!, Pikachu, and Phil Collins Too” and our segments on Star Trek Beyond, new implements for VR sexy times, our first negative shout-out, new ways to help the Network, and even an outtake that didn’t make it into the episode where we eat freeze-dried Japanese fish. (more…)

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