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  1. Crowdfund This! Marc With a C, Atomic Robo, D20 Drinking Glasses & More


    Someone must’ve put out a memo that said Labor Day week was the time to launch crowdfunding campaigns – ’cause there’s an amazing batch of projects that just hit the web. These indie artists have the need for funds, and very worthy projects in need of funding, so here’s hoping you’ve got some money tucked away! Whether it’s funding artistic pursuits on Patreon, or scoring cool product via Kickstarter, below you’ll find details on the who’s, what’s, and where can I throw my moneys in the worlds of nerd music, comic books, and video games.


  2. Camp Fangamer is Back! The Most Uncanny Gaming Convention in Existence Returns This Summer

    Photo by Ann Kornuta and Luke Schirmer

    Photo by Ann Kornuta/Luke Schirmer

    Last summer over 400 dedicated fans of EarthBound came together at Camp Fangamer to celebrate their passion for the beloved cult Nintendo game. It was an unprecedented event: part con, part alternate-reality game.  We chronicled the whole shebang in the comprehensive article EarthBound Comes to Life” and named it the geekiest event of 2015 in our annual Top 20 Nerdy Things list. The whole experience was so unique, many had doubts if there would ever be another. Fortunately, PSI Thunder Beta strikes twice.

    This summer, camp is back in session for another weekend of joy and oddities – Tucson, Arizona July 29th-31st. (more…)

  3. Lotia: The JRPG of Your Dreams? Featuring Music From the Composer of Dungeons & Doritos!

    If you’re a fan of JRPGs and/ or love the awesome music of Dungeons & Doritos – there’s a crowdfunding project that warrants your attention. Lotia is a JRPG-style game set in an oceanic realm of Heavensbreak – home to fencing, fighting, torture, etc. but also dreams. The world itself is held together by all us “unawakened dreamers” out there. Some dreamers can “awaken” and lucidly dream themselves into this bold new land of magic. Check out the Kickstarter here, and learn more below. (more…)

  4. Deep Darkness: The Horror of EarthBound

    deep darkness

    This article was originally presented as a panel entitled “EarthBound is SPOOKY” at Camp Fangamer ’15. This piece contains content that could be perceived as spoilers for the entirety of the Mother series.

    Duality is at the essence of all great stories. Comedy and tragedy. Sense and nonsense. Light and a dark. Dreams and nightmares. Smiles and tears.

    Though outwardly bright and silly, the Nintendo game series EarthBound, called Mother in Japan, thrives on this duality; contrasting its cheerful exterior with themes of horror and hopelessness. The remarkable degree to which series’ creator Shigesato Itoi and his team pulled this off, not once, but three times, is made manifest in how beloved these games are. Mother plays host to beautiful musings on life and love, but those messages would be meaningless without evil lurking underneath: from the lowliest Stinky Ghost, to the cruelty of mankind. (more…)

  5. [Video] boR Unboxes: Steam Controller

    Curious about the new Steam Controller? Nerdy Show has answers! What’s in the box, mouthfeel, and more! Be sure to subscribe to our new (and final) Nerdy Show YouTube channel! It’ll help our videos get more attention, AND you’ll get notified when we post new content!

  6. EarthBound Comes to Life: This Was Camp Fangamer 2015

    earthbound camp fangamer feat v2This summer, the EarthBound fandom gathered in person for the first time and went on an incredible journey.

    It was a heartfelt reunion; they had shared the same trials and tribulations, fought the same battles – real and virtual, though they’d never met. It’s a sentiment many online communities can relate to, but never before has there been a gathering like Camp Fangamer.

    Easily the most unconventional convention gaming has ever seen; over 400 fans converged from all over the world to Tucson, Arizona where an unassuming local Hilton was transformed into a little slice of Eagleland. There, fans went on a summer camp adventure, participated in the craziest game show in the Eastern hemisphere, made and met up with lifelong friends, and took down a sinister corporation. It’s as startling and beautiful as it sounds.

    Here you’ll find the full story of this uncanny event – a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as truly strange and captivating as EarthBound itself. (more…)

  7. Games You Might Have Missed: Shadow of Mordor

    shadow-of-mordor-1I have a nasty habit of purchasing games at full-price and then not having time to play through them. The result? A belated look at games you might have overlooked but are totally worth playing…at a lower price point.

    The Breakdown: Shadow of Mordor takes place after the events of The Hobbit, but before Lord of the Rings. In it, you play as Talion, Ranger of Gondor and Captain of the Black Gate. After the Uruk army attacks and kills you and your family, you awaken resurrected – your body bound with the elf Celebrimbor. The two of you must defeat the Black Hand of Sauron in order to break the curse and rest peacefully.

    Elevator Pitch: You’ll feel like a badass warrior with simple switching between sneak, ranged, and melee attacks. Open, encapsulated maps & missions allow for short or marathon play sessions as you leave a trail of blood through Mordor.

    The Verdict: Mordor has fantastic battle gameplay and unique enemy leveling scheme. It’s absolutely worth playing, especially on the cheap. Though if you were considering playing as a female character, get ready for some weirdness.


  8. Remembering Satoru Iwata

    iwata mario

    On July 11th, the gaming world lost one of its greatest innovators. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was more than a corporate figurehead – he was a gamer, a designer, a master of the art form and a proponent for the power of the gaming medium.

    His history and Nintendo’s have been tethered since the 80s, but when he became President of the company in 2002 he became a face as familiar to gamers as that of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. The world over mourns his passing, Miiverse is flooded with messages and condolences, and many of us here at The Nerdy Show Network have taken to sharing our thoughts on this tremendous loss. Below, you’ll find our voices as well as others from in and around our nerd world remembering Satoru Iwata. (more…)

  9. Rock Band 4 Hands-On: The Ultimate Music Game Experience

    Rockband for perkThe act of performing music is a very profound thing. Whether it’s creating something new, or communing with your favorite songs by finding the notes or singing at the top of your lungs. Of course it’s not easy; it’s a true skill. For some, the transition from loving music to learning to play music is an easy one. For others, the gift of making music is unrequited. There’s not often a middle ground where music lovers of all skills can share the experience of performance, of musical collaboration. That’s what makes Rock Band so special. That’s why the series’ return with Rock Band 4 should have you ready to get the band back together. (more…)

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