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Flame On :: BINGO!

Posted by TheQ on December 9, 2011

Batman is the world’s greatest detective, so maybe it was a bad idea for our power daddy Eric to marry him. Let’s just say that Eric attempted to “stick up” some “thugs” at a local gay bar and a bat-a-rang came out of nowhere and knocked him unconscious. His current whereabouts are unknown. But you’ll still be able to tune in and hear Bryan the Bear, Jarrod the Alterna-Guy, Oral the Scarlet Bitch, The Question of questionable sexual activities, and special guest Kyle, who brought along his friends Elmo and CAROL CHANNING!?!?


Visionary director Tarsem Singh debuted his latest piece of eye candy Immortals and we weigh in on how much we liked the golden costumes, the hard abs, and the performance of Superman-to-be Henry Cavil! Also hear the scoop on Harry Potter director David Yates’s possible Doctor Who movie!


The Nerdy Show boys must be having the time of their lives with possibly the biggest gaming release month of all time, but we get in on the action, too! We talk about Batman: Arkham City and its insane story, the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta, our guild on DC Universe Online, and the mind-blowing release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!


Hear us dish on Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and Secret Circle! Also, Bryan loves him some American Horror Story, we discuss the surprisingly thoughtful ending of the much-loved Batman: Brave and the Bold, and talk up the new Green Lantern animated series!

Gay News

The Question went to New York City (again!?) and saw the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. He loved it and tells us why, but former show-director Julie Taymor is not so happy because she is suing the production!

The boys also share their raunchy time at Orlando’s Come Out with Pride parade and Oral fesses up how many times he won BINGO!

Questions from The Question

Just when you thought we weren’t an all ages podcast (Disclaimer: we are not), Elmo joins us all the way from the Street to ask about pickup lines. The Question tries his line out on Bryan, but you’ll have to listen to see how that turns out! Then, unbelievably, Carol F’ing Channing wants to know “Is an older/younger relationship okay?” Finally, much to The Question’s chagrin, “What is AB?” You might not want to know — he certainly wishes he wasn’t told!


We review the new Florence + The Machine album Ceremonials, and then Bryan gives his report on the amazing Random Encounter, I Fight Dragons, and Protomen show!


Forget everything you know about sex, in Our Love is Real people fuck animals, plants, and crystals! Bryan loved it (he is a bear, after all), and The Question shares his thoughts on the new scary story called Strain by fan-loved movie director Guillermo Del Toro!

Our DCnU report includes Justice League, Wonder Woman, all of the Green Lantern books, Action Comics, Batgirl, Batman, Animal Man, Deathstroke, and more!

We cover the Regenesis of X-Men by Marvel, as well as the Avengers, Point One, and those surprising Fear Itself decimal point issues!

Eric may be hanging upside down and bat-ball-gagged in the Batcave, but the Flame On! boys still manage to pull through without him. Turn it on, turn it up, and brace yourself for what AB means in the latest episode of the geekiest and gayest podcast of the net!


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