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What do you get when you Support Nerdy Show? A contribution of any amount gets you access to our Classic Support Perk Archive featuring over 12 hours of exclusive audio plus text and images – all listed below.

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Dungeons & Doritos




  • Never-before-seen sketches by Nerdy Show artist Tony Baldini and Local-Shop from various Dungeons & Doritos episodes (9 total)
  • Local-Shop’s first character sketches for the Lefty & Jamela webcomic
  • An exclusive illustration by Max Acree of a scene from D&D Episode 15
  • A D&D group illustration from Flame On’s Jarrod drawn during the recording of Episode 17
  • Tony, Cap, and local-shop’s first sketches of D&D characters
  • Cap’s sketches of the other party from D&D Episodes 22 and 23
  • Cap and local-shop’s concept sketches for Jamela’s pet, Vajazzle
  • Dungeons & Doritos smart phone backgrounds
  • 2 pages of first look sketches from D&D issue 2 by Cap
  • Roughs of page 1 of D&D issue 2 drawn by Tony
  • An in-progress look at the cover for Dungeons & Doritos Issue 2
  • Preliminary sketches for D&D 28, 30 and 31 by Tony



  • A free-write by Cap, elaborating on the events following D&D episode 12


Nerdy Show




  • Nerdy Show smart phone backgrounds


Wicked Anime


  • Outtakes from Wicked Anime!
  • Even more outtakes from Wicked Anime!


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