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Ghostbusters Resurrection – Episode 06: Spectral Training

Posted by NerdyShow on July 10, 2013

GBR2-06CoverSmallGrab your proton packs and PKE meters! Ghostbusters: Resurrection is a cinematic roleplaying podcast set in the present day with the same lore, weirdness, and comedy of the films, games, and comics. Join the Central Florida Ghostbusters as they keep “the vacation capital of the world” poltergeist-free. In Season 2 the ‘Busters head to Europe to track down the missing Ghostbusters International team.

Following a tip from someone who spoke with the International Busters before their disappearance, the Central Florida Ghostbusters hop on a train bound for France. However, the train is forced to stop halfway through The Chunnel when it runs across a certain evil black ooze. Things take a ghastly turn once our heroes step into the darkness 75 meters below the English Channel.

Notice some spook or specter at night? Call the professionals: (321) 209-2020
Episode art by Matasm


  1. Street Fighting Man :: The Rolling Stones
  2. E-Pro :: Beck
  3. Should I Stay Or Should I Go :: The Clash
  4. Crazy Train :: Ozzy Osbourne



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