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  1. State of the Empire :: Episode 30 :: Rogue One Review!

    sote30State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    At long last, we’ve seen it! Welcome to our Rogue One review!

    Ever wondered what it would be like if there was more “wars” in “Star Wars”? Wonder no more. The first “Star Wars Story” or “Anthology Film” or “Spin-Off” or whatever you want to call it is out, and it sets the pace for things to come in more ways than one. We’re fresh from an opening night screening, and teeming with thoughts about this risk-taking, bold new venture for the Star Wars Universe.

    Join Cap, Doug, Matt, and Rex as we offer up a brief spoiler-free review and then open the blast doors for a full-on, heated discussion of the highs and lows of Rogue One. Did this motley crew of Rebels storm the beaches of our hearts? How drastic did the reshoots remix the film, and how painfully obvious were the changes? And for you die-hard State of the Empire fans out there — how much of our rumors and speculation came true? (more…)

  2. State of the Empire :: Episode 29 :: The Rouge One Run-Down

    sote29State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    Rogue One is mere days away and the State of the Empire crew might as well be hopped up on spice, given their anticipatory euphoria. We’ve watched countless TV spots, international trailers, and taken in every shred of content leading up to the release. We’ve got a list of neat expanded universe tie-ins and details to look for and we’ve learned a lot about the film, but at this late hour the juiciest stuff is locked safely behind the blast doors for your spoiler-free pleasure. In the meantime, there’s actually quite a lot to talk about that isn’t Rogue One.

    Kathleen Kennedy has pulled back the veil a bit on the past couple years at Lucasfilm, surprising new lineage theories for Rey, more hints to an Obi-Wan film and casting news from Han Solo, big things happening in Star Wars Rebels, new info on the next Star Wars Battlefront title and Visceral’s forthcoming game, Matt’s strange Star Wars story from a 7-11 at 2am, and much more!

    We’ll see you later in the week with our reactions to Rogue One! (more…)

  3. State of the Empire :: Episode 28 :: The Return of Obi-Wan

    sote28State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    Like the Death Star, Rogue One looms ominously just beyond our atmosphere. We’re starting to see the shape of it, but the film’s air of mystery persists, even with new trailers and teasers. While there’s still new news about the film to share, it’s the rest of the Star Wars universe keeping us busy as we eagerly anticipate December 15th. Between comics, the novel, Ahsoka, and the happenings in Star Wars Rebels, a new narrative is appearing in the galaxy: the return of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Join Cap, Doug, Matt, and Colin as we follow new clues. Much like how mention of kyber crystals seeded in books and TV led us to the imminent threat in Rogue One, we’re seeing deeper explorations of The Force as we approach Episode VIII… and all paths point to a small hut on Tatooine. But, as the new Star Wars galaxy expands, is it falling apart? We’ve got a lot to discuss – and that’s just the Star Wars part! We’ve also got one of our longest Willow discussions in ages with a new hope straight from Ron Howard and exciting insight into the film via Phil Tippet’s prop archives. (more…)

  4. State of the Empire :: Episode 27 :: Rogue Friday

    sote27State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    If you’ve been raving like a rathtar for Rogue One merch, your day has come! Last year we had Force Friday, this year it’s Rogue Friday – a time of midnight releases, swarms of fans, and a mad dash for the latest action figures etc. Or is it…?

    No, this year’s Star Wars shopping spree was much more subdued – not just in turnout, but also in plot insights that could be gleaned new products. That’s not stopping State of the Empire though! Join Cap, Matt, Doug, and Rex as we relentlessly dig through box art details, minifig pairings, and other minutia that might reveal the secrets of the most mysterious Star Wars release to date. We discuss the latest from Billy Dee Williams on the potential re-casting of Lando and dust off an interview with the man himself from the Nerdy Show archives. But that’s not all, hear what the InteracTech Stormtrooper has to say for himself, new casting news, remember the sacrifice of Constable Zuvio, and if you’re brave enough to venture behind the blast doors, we’ve got some interesting details about Episode VIII. (more…)

  5. State of the Empire :: Episode 26 :: The Wrath of Thrawn

    sote26State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels is here and with it the return of one of the most revered characters in the series: Grand Admiral Thrawn. Hear our thoughts on how this Star Wars legend fared in his on-screen debut and reintroduction to the cannon. But Thrawn is only one facet of the changes and troubles facing the Rebellion: a mysterious Force-sensitive creature, a Sith holocron, foreboding owls, Ezra’s bad haircut… We take on all of it; both spoiler-free and behind the blast doors, for those brave enough.

    Rebels isn’t the big news – Rogue Friday is almost upon us! Soon the Rebellion’s agents will be infiltrating retail stores across the world – but some secrets have already been leaked. We’ll be back for a merch-filled episode of State of the Empire next week, but for now Cap, Matt and Doug pour over what we know about the forthcoming film. Join us for theories on the next Star Wars animated series, more confusing quotes from Bob Iger, assorted speculation for Episode VIII and Han Solo, and more. (more…)

  6. State of the Empire :: Episode 25 :: The Rogue One Trailer is Unleashed

    SotE25State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    The time has come: the Rogue One trailer is finally here! Not a teaser, not a sizzle reel, not a behind-the-scenes promo – and honest-to-God, fully-loaded trailer, Sith Lord and all. There’s a lot to take in, so let the crew of State of the Empire navigate you through the proverbial asteroid belt of what’s going on and what nuances we can glean from this sexy and revealing advertisement.

    Cynics, don’t fret; Cap, Doug, and Matt aren’t all rose colored lenses over this well-dressed Star Wars trailer. We’ve still got our heads level and our minds open. Not only do we talk Rogue One, but we also chew over the latest rumors surrounding Lord and Miller’s young Han Solo film (trilogy?) and we report our findings on Episode IX director Colin Tervorrow. With only the dubious Jurassic World and indie darling Safety Not Guaranteed under his belt, does he have the chops to put a bow on the new trilogy? New tales from Willow, new editions of The Force Awakens, and more await! (more…)

  7. The Rogue One AT-ACT Toys Are Making Star Wars History!

    Hasbro is making toy history with their line of vehicles for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Behold: the AT-ACT (aka All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport) as seen in the beach assault in Rogue One‘s trailer… aka a masterpiece of fusing a vehicle, a playset, and remote control features. Here it is in action:


  8. State of the Empire :: Episode 24 :: Star Wars Celebration 2016 Insights

    SotE24State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    Star Wars Celebration 2016… The annual expo for all things far, far away and some looming sooner than seem possible. This year, the shadow of the Death Star descended on London as hype for Rogue One gave way to looks behind the scenes, surprise slip-ups, and enough cryptic info to ensure that this debut “Star Wars Story” is going to have us guessing right up until opening night. Meanwhile, Star Wars Rebels brought the heat by reintroducing an Expanded Universe favorite: Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    Join Cap, Doug, and Matt as they revel in the revelations from the Rebels season 3 trailer, reminisce on the mid-90s-era Star Wars that both the latest film and tv series are now strongly hearkening to, and consider the futures and fates of the Rebellion in the time before A New Hope. Though the era of the Original Trilogy took most of the spotlight, there’s also plenty to share and read into about Episode VIII, forthcoming video games, novels, comics, and even an official announcement about young Han Solo. (more…)

  9. State of the Empire :: Episode 23 :: I’m Gettin’ Too Old For This Sith

    SotE23State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    The veil of mystery concealing the first Star Wars spin-off, Rouge One, is finally being lifted, but amidst character reveals, plot details, and other minutia comes extreme scrutiny. The promise of a film that truly puts the “war” in Star Wars is an exciting prospect – one that many now worry could be too good to be true. There’s controversial rumors of executive interference and tonal shifts leading to rewrites and re-shoots. Leave it to your protocol droids at State of the Empire to parse the data and separate the fact from fiction.

    In the meantime, there’s much to be excited for as Cap, Doug, and Matt dig into the new characters – including a familiar face from The Clone Wars making his live action debut, the confirmation of a long-standing Rogue One surprise we’ve been touting for months, the latest details on Indiana Jones 5, and much more. (more…)

  10. State of the Empire :: Episode 22 :: Catching Up With The Clone Wars

    SotE22State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    For those of us who were burnt by the Prequel Trilogy, the last thing we wanted were more stories from that era. But whether we wanted it or not, between 2008 and 2014 George Lucas and Dave Filoni’s The Clone Wars was the definitive Star Wars output. Taking place between Episode II and III, the series offered some much-needed character development for Anakin as well as the addition of many new worlds and characters, not the least of which was Anakin’s padawan Ahsoka. Those who did check out the series became die-hard fans, while the rest of us remained blissfully ignorant. Since the death of the Expanded Universe, The Clone Wars has remained in cannon and its continuity has since gone on to heavily influence the current Star Wars TV series, Rebels.

    Now that the wounds of the Prequels are healing, and the series has achieved a place of lasting relevance, we’re revisiting The Clone Wars! Cap, Doug, and Matt are joined by Nerdy Show host, Colin, who has just finished his journey through the entirety of the series as well as Rebels, and has emerged a changed man. Whether you’re clueless to Clone Wars like Cap and Doug, or fans like Matt and Colin – the current state of the cannon demands that you explore what’s come before. Plus, if you stick around beyond the blast doors we share our feelings on the Rebels season 2 finale. (more…)

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