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Derpy Show :: Episode 000 :: Pilot

Posted by Cap on May 23, 2012

Welcome to Derpy Show! A new podcast coming at you every-other Wednesday via Nerdy Show. This show, like Flame On! and The Real Congregation before it, showcases unique voices from outside of the main Nerdy Crew.  AND like Nerdy Show and Real Congregation, it’s another descendant from local college radio station, WPRK – what an odd coincidence! This show was described to me as the Seinfeld of nerd podcasts. Strange as it may seem, that’s a solid desciption. Welcome these guys to Nerdy Show and let us know what you think about the show over on the forums!
  – Cap
Derpy Show’s debut, pilot episode! Formerly on the radio as “Serious Business”, the Derpy Show hosts now embark on a journey of self-discovery and derping, finally unshackled from the bondage that is FCC regulation.
Join Chan Sterling, boR, Neofaust, and special Guest Derp Anonymous “Moose” of Random Encounter find themselves bashing Apple products, discussing tabletop gaming, anime kids, Lord of the Rings, Diablo III and Graveyard Book. They’ll misinform you about classic gaming consoles, introduce you to Derpy Show’s Twitter Track Crap, and take you on a magical journey to Japan in DJ Snorlax’s Derpy Show Chopter.
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Cap is Executive Producer of The Nerdy Show Network as well as Lead Host of the titular Nerdy Show podcast and one of the site's founders. His illustration, graphic design, and writing both journalistic and fictitious have appeared in various publications and public spaces.
  • Bashing Apple Products you say?


  • I think I could really grow to like this show.

  • @Kaosubaloo: Hm, bashing lots of things. One of the best things about Nerdy Show is the all-inclusive embracing of different stripes of nerd. As a first impression, this came off as rather spiteful and elitist. Not sold.

  • Cap

    boR addressed these concerns in a recent post on the forums:

    “Our guest for the first episode, was one of our cohosts on WPRK, and has been described as our “Bill O’Riley”. He’s no longer going to be a regular on Derpy Show (due to availability), so the hate level will go down a bit. That being said, Derpy Show is not for the thin skinned or those who want to take everything seriously.”

    You’re right – Nerdy Show has become known as an inclusive show, but that’s based largely on the hosts present. Prejudices and strong opinions will crop up from time to time. It’s safe to say that one person’s views don’t reflect the other hosts or the other show’s opinions. Mike, for example was a positive guy, but jeeze if he started going off about furries – I’d have to swoop in and be the resident furry apologist, trying to keep everyone informed and not just beating the same gay fursuiter stereotype into the ground.

    Derpy Show is just getting started, episode 1 will be out soon and truly start the series beyond this pilot episode. Give it a shot and, please, keep us posted on how you feel.

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