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Dungeons & Doritos :: Shadows of Opposition

Posted by NerdyShow on September 27, 2012

This week’s story begins with our team returning to an unfortunately familiar setting… only to be introduced to another cadre of adventurers.

With special guests Ruby Darling and Rosita Sparkles, both from Skill Focus Burlesque, as well as Aaron from Nerdapalooza, who you may remember as the original Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Doritos. They are the adventures Krath, Izzy, and Ryllatrix – a group just as mismatched as the D&D crew you know and love. There is also one more to join them later… but that is for another adventure. Who are they working with? Why do they stand in opposition against Vimak, Jen’Ifer, Jamella, Lefty, and Barty? Adventure on!

We also announce the winners of the Dungeons & Doritos Fan Love competition. Find out who won over here!



  1. Tortilla Odyssey :: DnD Music Crew
  2. Tension on the Docks :: DnD Music Crew*
  3. Left and Jamela~The Reunion :: DnD Music Crew*
  4. Life in the Gutter :: DnD Music Crew*
  5. The Sound of Nothing :: DnD Music Crew*
  6. The Man in Black – De Tempore :: DnD Music Crew
  7. Circle of Deth :: Dethlehem
  8. Molten Trenches :: DnD Music Crew
  9. What Lurks :: DnD Music Crew
  10. Battle Theme – Impending Doom :: DnD Music Crew
  11. Tortilla Odyssey :: DnD Music Crew

D&D has an original score! Created by Level 99 and Ryan McQuinn, aka the DnD Music Crew. Click the links above to download the tracks for free or pay what you like – all proceeds go to the composers!

* Indicates new tracks to this episode.


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Ryllatrix :: Krath :: Izzy



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