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Dungeons & Doritos Fan Love Contest Winners

Posted by NerdyShow on September 27, 2012


The most recent Dungeons & Doritos Fan Love Contest is closed! Here are your winners!

1st Place – 

Heavy Devil’s 30-page full color comicThe Jig

2nd Place – 

Matasm’s D&D portrait (HUGE on two taped together comics boards)

3rd Place – 

MuckRaker’s Novella about ChairEssentially Innocent

Barty Winner – *TIE*

Barty’s depiction in Vistasclemency’s story “Bath Salts Zombies”

Berto El Con’s Barty cosplay

Vimak Winner – 

Downward Spiral’s Soul Caliber 5 versions of the D&D crew

Other Entries

Art – 

Kiwaku’s portrait of Jamela

BigBadShadowman’s Adventure Time Styled D&D pic

Writing – 

D&D Vignettes by Hutch University

Chair by Guinauruloki

Other – 

Mopkins’ D&D Minecraft skins

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