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Derpy Show :: Episode 39 :: The Derpy Road Show

Posted by NerdyShow on January 31, 2014

derpyroadshowHop in and buckle up! This week the Derpy Show crew lures Cap from Nerdy Show into one of their vehicles with the promise of savory treats. Pizza Burgers are what’s on the menu, but what kind of unholy fusion have they discovered? After they throw Cap out of the car, MissTerri Guest needs to be picked up from work, but they don’t let that stop the derp! DJ Snorlax muses on the length of introductions vs the quality of the movie, and brings us back and tells the tale of the true origin of Shadow Ball Gyration. And be sure to stay tuned for another installment of “Texts from boR’s Mom” and the mouse who puked backwards. Brought to you by “RoboJoe-capella!”




boR, DJ Snorlax, RoboJoe

Guest Derps:

Cap, Doctor Misses The Dirty Hipster, MissTerri Guest


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