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Flame On :: Episode 297 :: DitNS: AS7: Legendary Legend Looks

Posted by Bryan on June 30, 2022

Flame ON! is the all-gay, all-geek podcast. Tune in as we dish on the latest in pop and queer culture.

Sashay, shante, panther on the runway! It’s time to grab the needle and thread… or maybe just a hot glue gun… and strut your best garment on the runway! Will their looks be the hot new trend on the RuPaul Pinterest board, or will they leave you looking for a new saloon to serve drinks at? Only these legends know for sure!

Another week has passed dear listeners, and it’s a new day in the Werk Room, so Pat is ready to dish the dirt and sip some tea with a new guest host! On this week’s episode, Pat is joined by a fellow Chicago drag race fan, James. Before they dive into this week’s episode, it’s a bit of a travel back in time to find out what James thinks of this season so far. From there, the conversation turns to this week’s episode. From the queens reacting to the top two, Viv’s disappointment in not receiving a Legendary Legend Star, to Jinkx feeling like she’s ahead of the game being blocked twice, the Werk Room is full of drama. Then it’s time for RuPaul to enter with this week’s maxi challenge. The queens are tasked with taking one of RuPaul’s signature Legendary Legend looks from her Pinterest board and turn it into a brand new look that mixes classic Ru with the legendary winner’s style. Did the queens serve it up on the runway? Listen in to find out what Pat and James think! Before they sign off, they share their picks for the final two of the season!

Grab your wig and heels, ’cause we’re bringing you another fabulous episode of Drag is the New Spandex

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