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Dungeons & Doritos :: At Worlds’ End

Posted by NerdyShow on May 22, 2013

dnd25 300The dramatic conclusion to D&D Book II! Tolay is under siege and our heroes have formed an uneasy alliance with the agents sent to destroy them by the mysterious “Man in Black”. Across many lands and across time Vimak, Jamela, and Jen’Ifer have been called “The Worlds Enders” – but is it true? War is raging, casualties are mounting… The end may in fact be nigh, but these adventurers aren’t going down without a fight.

Once again our studio is packed! Special guests Ruby Darling and Rosita Sparkles of Skill Focus Burlesque and Kyle (aka Shinobi MC) return and, for the first time since we washed up on Corney Island, Lefty Lucy is in the studio!

This is the finale you’ve been waiting for.  Events set in motion long ago, now collide in one final chapter.



  1. Tortilla Odyssey :: DnD Music Crew
  2. Like Shadows in the Breeze, They Crept :: DnD Music Crew
  3. Just Your Average Nonchalant Muzak :: DnD Music Crew
  4. Life in the Gutter :: DnD Music Crew
  5. Cunning! Deadly! Daring! :: DnD Music Crew
  6. Still Moving :: DnD Music Crew
  7. Devouring Darkness :: DnD Music Crew
  8. D’Passio’s Tongue :: DnD Music Crew
  9. The Sound of Nothing :: DnD Music Crew
  10. Victoly :: DnD Music Crew
  11. Feathered Cyclone :: DnD Music Crew
  12. Worlds’ End Suite :: DnD Music Crew
  13. Splintered Time :: DnD Music Crew
  14. “Goodbye” :: DnD Music Crew
  15. Ye Jolly Chair :: DnD Music Crew

D&D has an original score! Created by Level 99, Ryan McQuinn, and Kyle Evan Bunnell aka the DnD Music Crew. Click the links above to download the tracks for free or pay what you like!

* Tracks in bold are new to this episode.



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Character Sheets:

Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak

Barty :: Lefty

Ryllatrix :: Krath :: Izzy


Doritos Tasted:

  • Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos
  • Black Pepper Fried Chicken – From Japan
  • Jumpin’ Jack Cheese
  • Sour Cream and Onion
  • Chipotle Crema Dinamitas
  • Taco
  • Tapatio
  • Flamas
  • Spicy Sweet Chilli
  • Cool Ranch

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