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Dungeons & Doritos :: Return to the Ironback Mountains

Posted by NerdyShow on June 28, 2012

Aided by Christopher the wizard, The D&D crew travel the realms of Doritodonia – hunting the evil force that abducted Lefty.

Hot on the trail of their mysterious enemy, the party ventures into the Ironback Mountains, headed for Vimak’s home.  An army of ancient evil has been unleashed in the frosted mountain lands and the snows are melting.  The lands Vimak left behind have been thrown into chaos, its peoples scattered.  Now, up against insurmountable odds, the noble Goliath shaman must for the first time lead his people.



  1. Tortilla Odyessey~The Quest Begins :: DnD Music Crew
  2. Vimak~Rider of the Wolf-Bear :: DnD Music Crew
  3. Frosted Ruby :: DnD Music Crew
  4. Molten Trenches :: DnD Music Crew
  5. Vimak~Rider of the Wolf-Bear (The Shaman’s Burden) :: DnD Music Crew
  6. Always Gonna Bring You Lunch (Instrumental) :: DnD Music Crew
  7. Just Your Average Nonchalant Muzak :: DnD Music Crew
  8. Snake Boss Battle :: DnD Music Crew
  9. What Lurks :: DnD Music Crew
  10. Jamela~Jewels in the Dark :: DnD Music Crew
  11. Christopher~A Clockwork Mind  :: DnD Music Crew
  12. The Cabin :: DnD Music Crew
  13. The Man in Black~De Tempore (Hollow Soul) :: DnD Music Crew

D&D now has an original score! Created by Level 99 and Ryan McQuinn, aka the DnD Music Crew. Click the links above to download the tracks for free or pay what you like – all proceeds go to the composers!


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Want to see more of Vimak’s home? Check out D&D issue 1!

And get excited for more secrets of the crew’s past in future issues of D&D!
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Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak

Barty :: Lefty



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  • My month isn’t complete without a heaping dose of Dungeons and Doritos, keep up the amazing work!

  • When Jamela – cradled in Vimak’s arms – began to summon the last bit of energy in her broken body to grant those around her a Blessing of Hope as the music swelled, that was a fantastic, beautiful (brief) moment wonderfully countered by Barty and Ruel’s comic relief. The Doritodonians have suffered much and have had to grow, both as individuals and as a team, but it’s nice to see that they haven’t outgrown their shenanigans and playful rivalries.

  • DOIP! Doritos Jacked are preeeetty tasty. I LOVE the enchilada supreme. Enchilada flavor on a big thick dusty Dorito chip. OM NOM NOM!

    Another good episode guys. Wish I had the nerdy friends required to RP! It sounds like a lot of fun.

  • If the Russian in the nutrition panel is meant to describe the flavor, the green bag is ‘sharp’ or ‘acute’ flavored. The other bag has no Russian on it though.

  • Cap

    @AntiLuke Wha- why is there Russian on there at all?! Clearly Israel is a mysterious place with Doritos made for precision crunching.

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