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Episode 196 :: The Art of Breaking Games

Posted by NerdyShow on October 20, 2014

ep196Gaming is a powerful medium, be it on a tabletop or in front of a screen. Whether you’re led down a meticulously crafted narrative or interacting with something abstract – the relationship between the gamer and the game is pure art. But how can gamers and artists deconstruct the game to make something new?

We’ve brought two fan-chosen Microsode topics together in a Microsode 2-Pack! Join Cap, Doug, Brandon, and LaForge as they examine video games as art, how the medium can be broken down to create even deeper experiences. Games themselves aren’t just art, they can also be a medium for clever hackers to recode and reformat the experience into something new. We share our favorite, most artful games, and discuss projects on beyond conventional gaming that are expanding the medium.

Since we’re already talking about breaking games in the name of art, how about just breaking games period? Whether it’s min-maxing in tabletop RPGs, hacking carts with a Game Genie, or mind-bending (and aggravating) Magic card combos; we share our favorite tales of “breaking” games for fun, profit, and occasionally hilarious misfortune.

Thanks to Kevin Wise and Donovan Styre for the awesome topics!

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  1. Bonds of Sea and Fire :: Lauren the Flute
  2. Beware the Forest 1/8th of Mushrooms :: The World is Square


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