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D&D Episode 9 :: The Medallion of Mists

Posted by NerdyShow on October 27, 2010


My, how time flies when you’ve overstayed your welcome! Our accidental heroes have spent their night in Cool Ranch, and that night became another night, and that night became a fortnight! There’s something strange in their neighborhood and it certainly doesn’t look good.  The poor town is being terrorized by Chair’s love and Jamela’s lust.  Cool Ranch’s can bear the torment no longer there is only one solution: Eviction!

It just so happens that Jen’Ifer knows a magic user who might have a solution to all their problems.  And so the band sets out on the road once more. It is a winding, menacing road, with a foul stench upon it, covered with a darkness that twists your insides. Unease sets in as a pervasive mist surrounds the travelers… an eerie mist, that brings the spirits of the dead with it. It’s something weird and it don’t look good. Will this mist be our heroes demise? Who are they going to call? How frequently can we reference Ghostbusters in this podcast?  Dare you listen?  Are you, or aren’t you afraid of no g-g-g-ghost?


This episode features three tracks from an amazing compilation called 20-Sided Rhymes, an album that’s sure to be highly relevant to your interests.  Hex, tell ’em what it’s all about:

This project has been in the works for a long time now, longer than any compilation that I’m aware of, but it’s been well worth the wait.  20 tracks, each dedicated to a side of the icosahedron we all know and love, each one deserving to be there.  Z. of Hipster, Please! has outdone himself with this compilation, summoning an incredible and eclectic group of musicians to entertain the listener with the multifaceted sides of gaming: be it something new like I Fight Dragons‘ Brian Mazzaferri’s Offering, something remixed like 8-Bit Weapon‘s take on MC Frontalot‘s Hassle the Dorkening, or something that even the non-gamer can relate to, like Orlando’s own Marc with a C‘s Don’t Know A Thing About Role-Playing. The entire compilation is free, so if you enjoyed the music on this month’s Dungeons & Doritos, it’s highly recommended to just head on over here and pick it up for yourself!

Another special thing about this month’s episode is the album art: a hand-carved jack-o-lantern courtesy of the outstanding Ms. Eleanor Edwards.  Thanks Eleanor!  It’s amazing!  Click the pic above to make it bigger.

The Tracks:

As listeners with keen senses may have picked up on by the presence of Earthbound‘s level-up music at the end of last episode the party has leveled up!  So have our character sheets… but… unfortunately they’re not yet available.  I know, it sucks!  We want you to be able to follow along with us so bad!  We’ll get ’em to ya as soon as we can!  In the meantime, here’s the old ones…

Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak




A group-shot of the Dungeons & Doritos gang!  Behold:

Want to see each of the character illustrations in all their glory?  Head on over to the character bio page to check ’em out!

  • Arkyrion

    Wolfbear upset that Wolfbear not included in pretty picture.

  • Cap

    @Arkyrion Wolfbear just not summoned at moment. Also, Tony and Hex still figuring out how best they like Wolfbear look.

  • Vimak

    Is okay, Arkyrion. Wolfbear is being of camera shy.

  • Ghouleh

    If I may be so bold as to act like a complete douche, I would like to point out that, in Tony’s previous drawings of Chair, he was bald.


    -ahem- This might just have been the best episode yet. I truly believe that it struck just the right balance between fighting and exploring, scary and funny. You managed to squeeze an entire mini-adventure in just over two hours(which seemed to go by so very fast!). The sound effect department is also coming up nicely, it seems. Look forward to seeing(or rather, hearing) how that shapes up in the future.

    As it currently stands, Jamela has been, for two adventures in a row, the underdog that ends up saving everyone’s behind in the end, and that’s just groovy. She deserves that medallion, whatever it does.
    I also hope that the rest of the group doesn’t forget about their ‘special’ perks. Vimak still has the Birdman’s flute, and Jen’Ifer still has a bucket of lizard-god blood-goo. Chair did have the Raven Mark, but I guess he used it up in Fouler Deeds at Coolranch.

    Lastly, I must congratulate (whoever picked the music) on this one: It absolutely hit the spot this time, and be certain I will fetch me copy of 20-Sided Rhymes. This episode, all in all, was just concentrated awesome.

    Oh, can’t forget. Thumbs up for Tony and his amaaazing concept art. We fans still haven’t forgotten about Axe Chick, though!

  • Cap


    Ah, you are 100% correct about your Chair observation. Mike had never described him as being bald, and in his mind he is not. So when he was giving Tony notes on this final image, the change was made. Not a douche.

    Thanks so much for the kind words and never fear… we’re keeping all of that in mind. (Bwa-ha-ha) As for Axe Chick, she’s coming along nicely, is 100% inked and scanned and is just getting some nice digital mastering. You’ll be seeing her very soon…

  • Paris

    Best episode ever. The awesome opening had me laughing hard and then it just kept going. Thanks for the awesome podcast!

  • Nicy Athen

    Episode 9 was fantastic! Everything Ghouleh said x2!

  • OmniG

    Around minute 54 I think i heard a cat… has Jen’Ifir found a familiar?

  • OmniG

    Joking aside great episode guys, i might have converted a friend into a listener with this one, haven’t laughed so hard in a while

  • Cap

    @ OmniG

    Wow, yes, I want to adopt Charlie the cat into the show as Jen’Ifer’s lovable pet. We need a Snarf.

  • LSG

    I can’t belive vimak was willing and EAGER to kill innocents even if they were possesed since he know that a rebuke undead was on the way, when he tackled the knight I was surprized he bashed his head in instead of pinning him…I feel bad for the poor knights and the cleric chick…

  • Cap


    Yeah, our moral compass is definitely getting a bit um… bloodthirsty. No good can come of this.

  • LSG

    Since he is the only one defending chair in the group, chair’s days may be numbered…Also it feels real nice to have responses to our comments, so thanks Cap.

  • Vimak

    Vimak can only be pushed so far before he can being of having mercy. Chair is lucky he not has being of pushed that far.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the show, I started listening for a 4e podcast, keep listening for the characters. I was wondering, for the goddess you use some sort of voice alteration software, right? Could you say what it is, and is it free for download?
    Thanks again,
    – Kevin

  • Cap


    Glad you like it Kevin! We may have moved away from 4th Ed as a system, but there’s still a good helping of D&D in our Doritos. Mike’s been raiding the old school bestiary for some upcoming projects.

    As for Galadriel’s voice and the woman in this episode: I use Adobe Soundbooth to edit the shows. It’s got a pitch and speed change feature I use to augment Ruel’s voice. Unfortunately the program is all kinds of expensive, and it’s not even Adobe’s best audio editor. I haven’t used it in a dog’s age, but check out Goldwave, that’s a program with a good-length demo time that I remember having a lot of editing features. It might work.

  • Twichy

    After having this tab in my browser for about a month i finally finished it, another great episode! can’t wait for the next one!

    I certainly hope Chair gains language “Furniture”

  • Cap

    Ha! Dang, man – that’s a long time! You should download the next one, save yourself some hassle.

    BTW new episode update: finally finished compiling the broken segment. Now onto regular editing.

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