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Nerdy Show’s most popular podcast! Dungeons & Doritos is an episodic radio drama that’s also live tabletop roleplaying with cinematic sound effects and an original score! If ye be seeking hilarious and perilous improvised adventures – look no further!

Join Vimak the Goliath, Jamela the Dragonborn, Jen’Ifer the Tiefling, Barty the gleeman, and Lefty the pirate queen on mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quests for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips.

New to Dungeons & Doritos? 

Never fear!  At the beginning of every storyline there’s always a new point to jump on. Currently, Dungeons & Doritos is in its 3rd season, or “Book”. Get caught up with the story in the Book 3 Prologue, dive right into a new adventure, or go to the D&D Library and listen to the series from the start!


New listeners start here:
Prologue :: The Quest for Free Drink   Part 1 | Part 2
Chapter 1 :: Jailbreak!

Chapter 2 :: The Temple of Gloom


How did it all start? Books I & II of Dungeons & Doritos can be found here:



Quest along with us:


Current & Past Character Sheets

Dungeons & Doritos is powered by SAGAS RPG



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  1. Sweet

  2. Hah, didn’t know there was a section for D&D.

    Put up some character sheets!

  3. You guys seriously need to do TONS of these. I could listen to these all day long while I work. It’s the perfect mixture of funny and “light enough that I can still tune most of it out and still have a good, unexpected laugh from time to time.”

  4. Cant wait for the next episode and adventure. My group is in absolute love with your party and their antics. They have taken control of all the kobolds they can get their hands on. I expect the first Dorito mine to pop up anytime now.

  5. Any word on updates to the series? My party loves listening to your quests and it has rekindled our love of D&D.

  6. Avatar of Cap


    We’re really jonesing to do a new episode.

    Keep an eye on our twitter this afternoon/ evening there may be a D&D related update.

  7. @Cap

    Jamela-related art on the way. The picture is penciled and inked. All I need to do is find a working scanner so I can scan and color it! Expect it to be emailed by Saturday or Sunday.

  8. I loved the new, music-free episode. The lack of interruptions helped tremendously.

  9. Chet Awesomelazer at March 9, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    I would like to see some character sheets as well. Also, MOAR ART.
    I can say that and not do anything because my drawings look like maybe a little girl did them, and everyone knows little girl drawings suck.
    I must say, Dungeons and Doritos is one of the best things ever. There’s a reason it has its own section.
    So says Chet Awesomelazer, so shall it be done!

  10. You know, usually explosm makes me laugh quite a bit… and this was a good comic, but after all of your exploits in D&D (well, mostly Mike’s in this case) today’s explosm just seems weak…

  11. [...] it looks like the Fantasy Sagas RPG is going to be the game we play in future episodes of their Dungeons and Doritos podcast. Yes, I said “we” as I am the GM for the game as of our last [...]

  12. I have to thank you guys for creating these as it is the PERFECT audio to hear whilst going to sleep. It makes for great dreams but still quite entertaining if i can’t sleep.

    I was curious though, do ya’ll have any pictures of a D’n’dorito session in progress, with dice and pieces set? For the mind picturing and whatnot.

  13. Avatar of Cap


    We’re glad to give you golden slumbers, amigo.

    You know, we don’t actually have any pictures of us DnDing… we’ll have to do something about that.

  14. are you guys doing anymore D&D episodes or was the that they epic finale for the time being? btw that last episode was faaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!

  15. Avatar of Cap


    Don’t worry man, we’ve got big plans! To make up for not having an episode this month you get two next month.

  16. Will Chair ever make sweet love again?

  17. It’s the end of May! Where’s the D&D!? Where’s my FIX!?

  18. Marc :
    It’s the end of May! Where’s the D&D!? Where’s my FIX!?

    I gotta agree with the man. Dungeons and Doritos is pretty much my drawing music. And the only exposure to some good dice-rolling for a few months!

  19. Chet Awesomelazer at May 21, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    Calm down, Sea-roach. Chet Awesomelazer assumes that it is coming soon. Until we all get some Dungeons and Doritos in, might Chet Awesomelazer suggest that you look into the Penny Arcade/PvP DnD podcasts? They’re pretty good too, and believe Chet Awesomelazer when he says that he draws to BOTH.
    Chet Awesomelazer feels for the Sea-roach, but he suggests we don’t grab the pitchforks and torches JUST YET.

  20. Avatar of Cap

    @Chet Awesomelazer




    Hey guys, Worry not!

    Yes, we’re running behind schedule and it’s killing me! But we’re recording NEXT week, we’ve already got a special additional episode recorded and next month we’ll have TWO episodes. From then on it’ll be at least once a month.

  21. Chet Awesomelazer at May 22, 2010 at 1:22 am

    See? Chet Awesomelazer is ALWAYS correct.
    He suggests, however, that we all show our D&D fanaticism before the next episode comes out by drawing more fanart! We can draw to the previously released episodes, of course, and show our love for these characters by making a mockery of them with our pencils.
    The fanart section is barren and also a little sad. It must be livened up.

    Although Chet Awesomelazer loves to draw, however, he is no good at it and has no scanner. So… he’s gonna have to leave it up to you guys.
    *Chet winks*

  22. Avatar of Cap

    @Chet Awesomelazer

    Chet, I think I speak for all the Nerdy Show boys when I say that that sounds freakin’ awesome and I support this fan art initiative.

  23. Chet Awesomelazer :
    See? Chet Awesomelazer is ALWAYS correct.
    He suggests, however, that we all show our D&D fanaticism before the next episode comes out by drawing more fanart!

    I concur. Plus I got a new scanner, so I can actually use my penciled drawings once I draw them!

  24. [...] I have been using it for weekly games and I used it to create some pretty crazy characters for Dungeons and Doritos.  Aside from a small bug lists, and some development issues, the characters worked, ran [...]

  25. LordShotGun at June 5, 2010 at 3:01 am

    Cap :@Chet Awesomelazer
    Hey guys, Worry not!
    Yes, we’re running behind schedule and it’s killing me! But we’re recording NEXT week, we’ve already got a special additional episode recorded and next month we’ll have TWO episodes. From then on it’ll be at least once a month.

    And now it it june…O well, but I bet you guys relize that most of the traffic on this site is for the dnd episodes, at least for me its the only reason I come here…

  26. random drunk at June 6, 2010 at 7:41 am

    Legend of the Mystical Epeen
    Whatever this magical item is, Chair will want to fuck it.

    Or Dickmeat Sandwiches and you.

    Or the quest for the legendary Sword Chucks +1 that one is for Brian

    or Magical Aids, a Chair Story

  27. random drunk at June 6, 2010 at 8:21 am

    Chair finds Jesus and takes up carpentry…you do the math

    One Chair and a love seat

    The Erotic Mandolin

    My Immortal AKA Harry Potter is hung like a Stalone (featuring the NPC Eboby…or Enoby)

    Vimak Likes em hairy

    A Wolfbear Christmas Carol

    Jemala’s dirty secret

    Of Beholder Eyes and Tentacle Monsters

    Invisible Stalker Fanart

    I’ve had way too much rum

    Our Heros Finaly Reach Level 2

    Chair’s Pet Roach

    Jeni Feer’s Nubile Makeover

    Late Night CheeseBurger, the Dorito Who Shall Not Be Named

    The Magical Trouser Snake

    Interview With A PK

    Everything I Know About Cars I Learned From Gran Tourismo

    Vimak Gets His Groove Back

    Do The Bruce Campbell

  28. random drunk at June 6, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Never Google Futanari

    What the Hell is a Gigawatt?

    Jesus Saves, the rest of you take damage

    Chair Starts a Cult

    just turn turn mic on and roll some dice already

  29. Avatar of Cap


    Yeah, we know we’ve got a lot of DnDers who are starving and I apologize big time for the delay, it’s been killing us. Actually, everything is going according to plan. We’re releasing the two episode THIS month. There’s always a lag between recording and releasing DnD episodes because we do the shows differently. BUT I strongly encourage you to listen to Nerdy Show proper because 1) it’s awesome 2) same people, same humor and weirdness 3) there’s a big DnD announcement in the next episode.

  30. Avatar of Cap

    @random drunk

    Aaaand… there’s our episodes for the next two years+

  31. Avatar of Cap

    Oh yeah, and so you guys don’t freak out I’ll say this now for those cool enough to haunt this board:

    Brian is STILL a part of DnD. However, he isn’t in either of this month’s episodes due to scheduling conflicts. His new life in VA is about to get more cushy and Jen’Ifer will be chucking Eldritch Blasts again in no time.

    Stay tuned for next episode where Brain monologues the mysterious letter pinned to the tavern door with a knife.

  32. I’m just gonna launch a suggestion for an episode plot. You know, to add it to the list:

    “The Lost City of El Dorito”

  33. Well, just because everyone else is doing it…

    “There’s Something about Chair…”

    “A Chair-tastic fiasco with the Village People!”

    “Insert Lame Title Here!”

    “So, what IS a Lady-Pouch?”

    “The Sly[blade] who Shagged Me!”

    “Jen Ifir’s REAL Gender!” [I'm actually confused about this one. I seriously can't tell if Jen Ifir is a girl, a guy, or if Tieflings are even supposed to have genders at all!]

  34. Hey. For all those out there seeking more play feed, just be patient. There are more than enough nerdy show podcasts to pass your time. And the show itself is amazing.

    But if I might make a suggestion to all those who need a D&D fix, Critical Hit (another D&D podcast) has 2 days of audio already out. In addition, The Gamer’s Haven has released at least 10 days of audio. The nerdy show is amazing, and there are plenty of things to supplament it. I hope these two suggestions help my fellow D&D addicts.

  35. Avatar of Cap

    The new episode with the DnD update is out! Episode 20, “Cosmic Things”

  36. [...] will!!). Their website is pretty kick ass to with informative links, fun articles and there famous Dungeons and Doritos [...]

  37. [...] The sixth episode of Nerdy Show’s Dungeons and Doritos featuring the Sagas RPG and Game Mastered by none other than Sagas creator Ruel Knudson. Catch this, and other Dungeons and Doritos episodes at! [...]

  38. I was one of the people who voted against music in D&D but I’m fine with the relatively small number of songs in the recent two episodes. What I’d like though, is if you could adjust the levels so the songs aren’t so much louder than the talking. As it is, whenever one of the songs start I have to lunge for the volume to avoid offending the neighbors.

  39. Avatar of Cap


    Glad you’re cool with the 3-track format, dude. As for the track volume, I feel your pain. We’ll make that imbalance a thing of the past.

  40. Vilehenchman at July 3, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    The other sound level I struggle with a little bit is the near-whisper levels of Ruel followed almost immediately by “I AM VIMAK!” or “HOLY SHIT!” from Triforce Mike. Maybe just have Ruel move a little closer to the mike. Other than that, love the new format.

  41. I’ve just listened to Ep 1, and it’s every bit as entertaining as the Penny Arcade/PVP/Wil Wheaton D&D casts over on the official D&D site. The in-character voice acting is hilarious, and the musical interludes provide a welcome breather in between dice rolls.

    You wouldn’t think listening to people play 4E would be fun, would you? I guess it just depends on how awesome the people in question are.

  42. Avatar of Cap

    I’ll definitely pass that on to Hex, thanks man.

    @Dave (aka Nev the Deranged)
    Comparing us to those other dude’s material is a heck of a compliment, so thanks a lot man! Glad you like what you hear, and, I might add, they only get better – LOTS better.

  43. Fenrir Gochad at July 20, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Pretty friggin sweet cast ya’ got goin’ on… I love it… In the same way Mike loves everything… Just kidding, but I am looking forward to more adventures, more awesomeness, and more hilarity…

  44. And just because no one’s done it for a while, I give you yet another episode title:

    “What +1 Greatclub? The story of Chair and ED.”

  45. I’ll be honest, this stuff is what really draws me to the site. The Nerdy Show in and of itself is fun times, but far and away, I think this is my more favored show. I’ve been wondering, what with Brian more recently being able to play again, how often do you play these games? Do you have a regular schedule, or do you play whenever? Do you have a whole bunch recorded, waiting to release them as the months go by, or do you play once a month, and use that game for the show? Either way, I love this stuff, and hope you keep doing this.

  46. Avatar of Cap


    We record an an episode a month for release later the next month. Scheduling requires that we record on different days than when we record the regular Nerdy Show and that can often cause hiccups in when recording takes place. It’s one of the many things we’re sorting out during the season break. We know that DnD has its own loyal fanbase that isn’t necessarily the same as the primary Nerdy Show podcasts and we intend to make sure that each show gets the love it deserves.

  47. Honestly I rarely listen to the nerdy show. I don’t care for comic books and usually don’t know what you guys are talking about when you discuse them. I do, however, know DnD and I like listening to Chair and party interact. Truly Chair (and Jen’Ifer) is the only reason I come to this site.

  48. While LSG expressed sentiments similar to my own, I felt he came across poorly and wanted to try and make a better case for DnD. I’ve tried to listen to the normal Nerdy Shows on multiple occasions, but the subjects covered don’t overlap with any of my personal interests. Dungeons and Doritos, however, is the only webcast I go out of my way to listen to because it caters to my love of Dungeons and Dragons. I get a kick out of the over-the-top interactions among your characters and the creative storytelling avenues you have to explore just to stay on plot.
    If it’s been a long day and I know a new episode is out, I’ll go grab a bag of Doritos from the store, come home, dim the lights, and heal my sanity with the soothing sounds of your silliness. I’m not sure you realize how addictive your creation is to many of us, and yes, we start to get cravings when that 30-day-mark goes by. So please don’t get discouraged by some of the less appreciative-sounding comments, it’s just because your particular flavor of DnD is so yummy!

  49. Although I may agree with Nicy Athen on the matter that Dungeons&Doritos is all the more enjoyable than, perhaps, the regular Nerdy Show episode, the whole is, for me, more important than the sum of it’s parts.
    When I came upon Nerdy Show (scratch that, before Mike reads this) it was a perfect combination of man, machine, moment. I had been reading Brian’s 8-Bit Theater for a while, but only after he updated the site’s layout did I notice the blog posts, and with them, the ones about Nerdy Show. It had been the perfect moment; I had just discovered podcasts as a form of media, and was already hooked up on the Brazilian equivalent of Nerdy Show, but I wanted more, and so I got out of my way(and language!) and ventured into Nerdy Show. Back then there wasn’t Dungeons&Doritos just yet, and I frankly didn’t get the reason behind all that music. I guess out of curiosity I started listening to it anyway, even though I didn’t understand everything you said (nevermind the subjects!). As I may have mentioned in the past, I enjoyed listening to Nerdy Show while playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and nowadays I just can’t look at that game anymore.
    Anyway, when D&D came along, it resonated deeply. There, something I could relate to fully, something that the Nerdy Show members, whom I already knew well at that point, poured their hearts and minds into. The fun in D&D is contagious. If I would make a Warhammer 40k comparison, it would be like a rotting canker lovingly given by Grandfather Nurgle that eats at your sanity but feels oh-so-good. This is heightened after many a Nerdy Show episode in which you get to know each member’s personality and how their characters would respond to situations in the land of Doritodonia.
    And while DnD 4E and Mazurao have a special place in my heart as original system&DM, the transition into a new system and DM seemed to be virtually seamless. The heart of the show remained the same, and that is what matters.
    In the end, Nerdy Show and D&D tend do blur each other’s edges. I’ve become a religious follower, and will stay through to the end, at least up until the entire cast declares preference for Star Wars’ prequels.

    You guys rock.

  50. Avatar of Cap


    Thanks again for the kind words, man. You’re a prince, and it’s awesome that you’ve been with us so long.

    @everyone else

    We know that people love DnD, and we do too. Yes, sometimes it’s late, but it’s always on our minds and man, oh man, there’s incredible things afoot.

    There’s a new kind of Nerdy Show debuting later this week called Nerdy Show Prime. The subject will be vastly different each episode, and no, it does not take place in a land of Dungeons or Doritos- BUT I get the feeling that DnD devotees might really get a kick out of it. You could say it’s where the two styles of podcasting meet.

    So check it out, and lemme know what you think.

  51. Starting to have withdrawal symptoms now…

  52. Avatar of Cap


    Don’t worry, we’re recording a bonus tonight to make up for the wait. Double Doritos!

  53. Avatar of Cap


    Oh and I’ll just put this here….

  54. Double doritos?! Yay! I’ll add the forum to my bookmarks.

  55. I’d love to listen, I really would. But the fact that the volume varies between silent mumbling and sudden extremely loud high pitched effeminate giggling and the constant dorito-chewing sounds make it rather painful experience. :(

    Can you edit out everything non-Vimak and just have an hour long collection of pointless quotes?

  56. Avatar of Cap

    @Argh I assume you’re talking about our earlier episodes?

    Start at episode 5 or dive in at episode 7. Our sound production wasn’t what it is now. That is no longer an issue. We hope to go back and tweak our earlier episodes into more listenable experiences. But until he have the time for that project, stick with the newer ones.

    Also, next episode we’re starting a new jumping on point. So there’s that.

  57. Oh, alright, I was afraid that was the case as I didn’t get very far, sorry. I’d better give it another go then, thats what workdays are for right?

  58. Avatar of Cap


    Heh, you betcha! Just check out the character bios and you’ll have no trouble jumping in.

  59. … So is there a january episode? And if 10 was it, when’s the next one? Btw, I just spilled hot cocoa on my balls.

  60. Avatar of Cap


    Unfortunately no January episode. Ruel got really sick and we had to postpone recording- see twitter:

    But the good news is we’re recording next week, it’s gonna be awesome, and we’re working on some killer DnD-related surprises.

    R.I.P. your testes

  61. Au Contraire, my gonads have seldom felt so alive, and they’re all a tingle at the news.

  62. Cap, I craves me some DnD’s. I’m about to host mah first legit session, and I need to get psyched!

  63. Avatar of Cap


    We’re seriously trying to get the new episode out. It’s freaking disaster-wrought. HOWEVER to tide you over:

  64. Sadness and despair consume me, where far art thou Dungeons & Doritos

  65. Avatar of Cap


    Recorded and being edited!

  66. editing? It’s best in it’s natural raw form. Even if it sounds like you’re playing over teh nets and nobody’s in the same room. Don’t overproduce pl0x!

  67. Avatar of Cap


    It’s not all sfx and background music. There’s a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done. You know how loud Hex can be.

  68. But I WANT my eardrums to be shattered by the occasional thunderous “I AM VIMAK!!” It’s part of the fun.

  69. he IS vimak, you just can’t argue

  70. Have you guys ever considered playing in the DC Universe or do you feel that perhaps you might just fuckin’ destroy the whole place? It just seems that superhero RPGs would be right up your street and DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook came out recently.

  71. Avatar of Cap


    We’ve got a DCUO review on the upcoming Nerdy Show episode. Mike plays it. His name is Hornblower, he’s a little boy.

  72. Is someone arguing whether or not he may or may not infact be Vimak? I sure hope not.

  73. I’m just positing that if, in fact, someone were to contest it, the ferociTAH with which he lets it be known would remove all doubt. My first 4e session was last night. Thanks to all of the podcasting, I was ready, and we had a blast. Still cravin me some Dungeons and Doritoes though.

  74. If we just had a D&D of just Jamalla and Jen’ifer walking around and bickering for a few hours, I feel we’d have a higher destruction of all living things than we would with the whole group being together. Am I wrong in thinking this?

  75. Avatar of Cap

    @Mythos I’m not sure what Brian and I’s relationship would turn into in the process of recording such a thing. But the thought makes me very uncomfortable.

  76. I’m pretty sure one of them would die and the other would dance in the blood of the fallen.

  77. … Otherwise known as mating in teefling culture.

  78. Ok so it’s like, March now = new month = new episode?

  79. Avatar of Cap


    Yup! And rigorously monthly from now on. This new premier will be with much fanfare and explosions. There’s much to do, but it will be soon.

    It will also include completely up to date character sheets and stuff I can’t mention yet.

  80. are you guys gonna post the new episode on the site, or should i just wait for it to pop up on iTunes

  81. Avatar of Cap


    Both? I mean- it’ll pop up in iTunes, but when it does there will be a ton of things to look at on the site.

  82. Do we have an ETA on Episode 11 yet?

  83. Avatar of Cap


    It’ll show up early next week. It’s a big relaunch, hence the delays. After this goes off we’re nailing down a regular schedule. No more blockage from eating too many Doritos!

  84. So, by early, are we talking Wednesday, the 9th or before?

  85. Avatar of Cap

    Hopefully before.

  86. Ok. Fair enough. I meant, of course, Mar 9th at the latest, btw.

  87. If it’s not in by the 9th I will dub it blizzard release Jr.

  88. no…D&D…for so long… grasp…on…reality…returning…

  89. Cap “It’ll show up early next week. It’s a big relaunch, hence the delays. After this goes off we’re nailing down a regular schedule. No more blockage from eating too many Doritos!”

    Didn’t you say this before? Like a couple times ;P
    Heh, no worries, until this site dies I will be waiting for the next episode.

  90. Avatar of Cap

    We never want delays, but with this new episode we’re gunning to truly make a point, and make DnD feel as regular as any other programming on the site.

    Nerdy Show on the whole, since the start of season 4 and so many other projects and jobs, everything has been very trial and error with formatting and scheduling. DnD is by far the hardest thing to lock down for recording. But what I want to instill is that we have a commitment to DnD – it’s awesome and we’re making it a major priority. We have such things planned. And we’ll fight tooth and nail and eldrich blast to bring ‘em to ya.

  91. DND podcasting is like porn for people who need friends. Except that instead of satisfying you in a wrong way, it kinda inspires you to go out and make it happen for yourself. Thanks Nerdy Show

  92. Avatar of Cap

    A treat for patient and wonderful friends – a 15 minute plus clip from early in the episode:


  93. I’ll admit it. I rofl’ed.

  94. Avatar of Cap

    Here’s how this ish went down: Tonight I interviewed Freezepop, therefor DnD won’t be ready til after the 9th, but still this week. Blame them… with hugs and kisses. For anyone who can make it to the DnD event at the Geek Easy tomorrow, you’ll bare witness to some secret DnD awesomeness first.

  95. I put DnD on my iPod and listen to old episodes while I work. It keeps me from shouting at and or threatining customers/coworkers with Kung Fu. Nerdy Show prevents workplace violence. Thank you.

  96. So….by this week, are you including Saturday and Sunday, or is today the day?

  97. I am all atwitter with anticipation, I ended up doing more Dungeons and doritos fan art yesterday instead of working on my deadline stuff… So worth it, Nerdy show will keep me fed and warm when I’m an unemployed hobo right?….right? :D

  98. Avatar of Cap

    I literally JUST put the finishing touches on the audio file. Expect the episode TONIGHT!

    Hey man! Good to see you again! I’d been wondering where you got off to. …Or was it WHAT you got off to… no matter! Where is this art? We MUST see it!

  99. just for clarification, is there now a specific day you guys are gonna release episodes or is it still just a random day of the month?

  100. Avatar of Cap


    We can’t commit to a specific day just yet. Scheduling for DnD is really tricky. We’re hoping to release the next episode around the middle of April.

  101. Glad to have you back, guys; it got seriously boring without you! New guy seem promising, indeed. Keep ‘em coming!

  102. Raistlin Majere at April 26, 2011 at 7:00 am

    Very amusing and exciting – what will happen to poor Jen’Ifer? …Somebody please sacrifice themselves in order to save him! ;)

  103. Sooooo, what happened to monthly updates? You have said (multiple times) that you would be posting on a more regular basis but have failed every time.

    Now Personally I don’t mind one little bit. I am perfectly willing to just wait for the next episode but from now on just don’t make promises you can’t keep and upload whenever the awesomeness is ready!

  104. Avatar of Cap


    The episode is recorded and due in a couple days. Not appearing within May, but snaking the May/June cusp. Blame the calendar. This is not a regular thing, our June recording is already scheduled for earlier in the month. There will be a May episode, there will be a June episode. Sure, it’s not perfect, but we’re still regular.

    This forthcoming episode will be out as soon as I can get it out. In my opinion it’s our best ever so I’m giving it an all-star treatment. You will be stunned.

  105. Episode 13 is the best one yet in my opinion! Wonderful work, can’t wait for the next one.

  106. Avatar of Cap

    Just FYI – We’ve recorded the July episode and it’ll be coming out asap. Most likely in early August and then August’s episode will come out within the month as well.

  107. Avatar of ChairFan

    Episode 15 please! I’m having Dungeons & Doritos withdrawal.

    Don’t make me listen to episode 14 for the 5th time!

  108. Avatar of Cap


    I’m on it man! It’ll be out as soon as I can manage. And you’ll have a D&D overload this month. Here’s a little secret we haven’t mentioned anywhere yet: donations over 25$ get all 6 D&D comic preview pages. There’s much D&D goodness down the line.

  109. Avatar of Onyx

    Hey guys, just hoping the hurricane hasn’t somehow gotten in the way. Thanks for the preview, was laughing the whole way through man. Lil bad on the reverb but I could deal.

  110. Avatar of Cap

    @Onyx Nah, we’re all okay. I had to go out of town this weekend so progress is stalled a little. You’re not the only one to mention the reverb issue. It varies based on personal audio settings. I’ll be tweaking it before the final episode drops.

  111. Avatar of firedrake110

    My dice arrived! There’s a Fiery Habonero one! EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! XD

  112. [...] Attack know him, called him a friend, colleague, ally, angry naked dwarf formerly a chair (see Dungeons and Doritos). He has touched a lot of our lives and we wanted to pay tribute the best way we knew how, through [...]

  113. [...] I’m a big fan of the Nerdy Show podcast and the various spin off shows they do, particularly Dungeons and Doritos which chronicles the misadventures of a group of not-so-heroic heroes in they journey across [...]

  114. [...] Baldini of Nerdy Show and Dungeons & Doritos fame drew up some character art for The Traitor and the [...]

  115. Avatar of Hansai Ventus

    my family members are big fans. I showed you guys to them, and I catch you guys on my radio from a CD my parents made with all of season one. they like your shows. Just wanted to tell you and the crew. They are working on making a season two CD. I think I will mass produce and send then to you guys to sell. Free of charge. Just keep the episodes coming.

  116. Avatar of Cap

    Hello there person reading this!

    Since this string is uber-old and goes waaaay down on the current site design, I’m going to close this thread. Don’t let that stop you from commenting about D&D though! Comments on the episodes are still open and there’s always D&D commenting to be done over on the forums:

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