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Dungeons & Doritos :: Runt of the Litter

Posted by NerdyShow on February 13, 2017

Embark on an adventure with Nerdy Show’s epic RPG audio drama, Dungeons & Doritos!

The clear and present danger of Barty’s newly-acquired lycanthropy is no laughing matter. (Okay, well, it definitely is a bit – just not for Barty.) After the “incident” from last episode and with the full moon only a day away… there’s a definite cause for concern. Fortunately the Northlanders make good on their promise and our lovable scamp is off to meet the Berzerkergang: a revered pack of shapeshifters.

While Barty endures some hard lessons and a fair helping of wolf-mansplaining, Lefty and Jamela have to solve another problem… A certain slippery devil has gotten loose, and if they don’t find him there could be hell to pay.

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Episode art by Tony Baldini


  1. Lefty~Heart Like the Sea :: Ryan McQuinn
  2. Tortilla Odyssey~The Quest Begins :: DnD Music Crew
  3. Gnomish Paradise :: Ryan McQuinn
  4. Class, Sass, and Panache :: Ryan McQuinn
  5. Just Your Average Nonchalant Muzak :: DnD Music Crew
  6. The Spirit Realm :: Mike McQuinn
  7. Chillin’ Like a Villain :: DnD Music Crew
  8. Jamela’s Yuletide Waltz :: Ryan McQuinn

D&D has an original score! Click the links above to download the tracks and support the artists.


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Chips Tasted:

  • Taco Doritos
  • Wild White Nacho Doritos
  • Supreme Cheddar Doritos
  • Cheetos Flamin’ Hot & Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon
  • Doritos Mix Taco Explosion
  • Doritos Mix Cheese Explosion
  • Hot and Sour Taco – From Japan


  • Sol

    Once again a fun episode, def liking how the story is progressing and liked Doug’s character (which reminds me to catch up on Ghostbusters one), also hearing you talking about spicy’s flavors made me go out and get some Spicy chicken wings flavored chips. But, what loved was the beginning banter between the trio and the wizard, Jamela seemed almost perfectly animated, like you can just mentally imagine animation of her behaving like this. So, yeah thanks again for the great episode.

    • capblackard

      Thanks!! That’s really great. Nice to know that I’m not alone in visualizing her every movement and tic.

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