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Episode 191 :: Microsode – Orlando Nerd Fest

Posted by NerdyShow on August 18, 2014

ep191This month, Orlando was once again under siege by the raw might of Nerd Music!

Orlando Nerd Fest made their big debut in the nerd music convention/ festival scene boasting the talents of Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu & The Earthbound Papas, Wordburglar, Critical Hit, Steam Powered Giraffe, MC Frontalot, and many, many more. Nerdy Show hosts Cap, Brandon, Kay, boR, Aaron, and Denika were on-site, rocking out across the fest’s 5-day expanse.

In this microsode the crew hangs out, post-pool party, to recollect on their experiences, favorite performances of the weekend, amusing anecdotes, and impression’s of ONF’s grand debut. Summertime ain’t over yet! Kick back with Nerdy Show! #tightpizzaparty




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