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Dungeons & Doritos :: D&D Q&A 2

Posted by NerdyShow on February 20, 2019

Long, long ago a legend was born… a legend of crusaders… and corn chips… of Dungeons & Doritos…

This groundbreaking hybrid of an actual play podcast and an audio drama blundered through dice rolls and spun sordid tales of mayhem, until it was suddenly silenced. However, while the giant slumbers, the cast and fans of Dungeons & Doritos pine ever for the gleaming day when it shall return. And lo – dusting off our musty feed – it’s the second D&D Q&A!

Join Cap (Jamela), Colin (Barty), and Lefty Lucy (Lefty) as well as special surprise guests for a reunion where YOU ask the questions! Learn secret backstories, plans, plots, and characters that never came to fruition, roleplaying challenges, and much more!

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